Greece is located in the southern part of Europe. It borders Albania, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey. It is bounded by the Aegean Sea in the east (including the Icarian and Thracian Seas), the Ionian Sea in the west, the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Crete in the south.

It is a very beautiful warm country with a comfortable climate, an ancient history and a lot of attractions. The population of Greece is about 10.3 million people. Unemployment is over 10%. Let's find out what salaries in Greece in 2024.

Salary in Greece

Minimum salary in Greece

According to the Greek government, the official minimum wage in Greece in 2024 is 830 euros per month. The rate is based on 14 payments per year. For the standard 12 payments, Greece's minimum wage increases to 968 euros per month. The annual income is 10,920 euros.

Note. The minimum wage in Greece is based on 40 working hours per week.

Until 2022, there was no minimum wage increase in Greece for 3 years. At the beginning of 2019, the rate increased from 683.8, to 758.33 euros per month. Before that, the amount remained unchanged for 7 years. Moreover, in 2012, the minimum wage in Greece was 876.62 euros, more than in 2022. A unique case for the European Union.

Average salary in Greece

According to the Greek Primary Social Security Fund, the average wage in Greece in 2024 for full-time workers in the private sector is €1,182.39 per month and €51.28 per day. The data were collected from nearly 251,000 companies with 2.054 million employees. According to international analytical agencies, Greek workers receive 1,060.45 euros per month.

Note. According to a report on employment and the Greek economy by the GSEE Labor Institute, 571,000 Greeks (about 1/5 of private sector workers) are paid less than €500 per month and 251,000 employees are paid less than €250.

The highest incomes in Greece are in management, law and information technology, while the lowest salaries are in the textile, leather and clothing industries, as well as in tourism, gastronomy, hotels and agriculture. After taxes the average salary in Greece does not exceed 950 euros per month.

Important. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the average salary in Greece is 17,589 euros per year and 1,466 euros per month.

In conclusion, the Greek income tax rate on salaries ranges from 9% (income up to 10,000 euros per year) to 44% (income over 40,000 euros per year).

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