Jordan is a small state in the Middle East, bordered by Saudi Arabia, Israel, Syria and Iraq. Being washed by the waters of the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba, its amazing landscapes, purity and rich natural world attracts a large number of tourists every year. Despite the fact that Jordan is one of the smallest countries in the region, with a number of unresolved problems, many foreigners are considering options of labor migration or investment in this promising Arab state.

Jobs in Jordan in 2024 for women are available in tourism and services, while for men there are jobs in the oil and gas industry, construction, information technology and some other technical professions. International companies and major Jordanian employers are usually located in the Jordanian capital, Amman. It is the business, cultural, educational, and financial center of the country, where the main flow of labor migrants goes.

Work in Jordan

The specifics of the labor migration to Jordan

In recent years, the Jordanian government has been pursuing a liberal economic policy, reforms are being introduced, foreign trade is growing, and today the situation in the country is quite stable. The largest phosphate mines are operating on the territory of the state, the textile industry, construction and transport infrastructure are developing. However, there are certain difficulties, primarily related to the lack of water, oil, some other natural resources, as well as dependence on international financial institutions, in particular, the IMF.

The population of Jordan in 2024 is 11.4 million people, with a labor force of about 2 million. It is very difficult to name the exact number of residents, because the long-lasting military conflicts in neighboring states (Iraq, Syria) have led to large-scale and uncontrolled migration processes. It is an undeniable fact that hundreds of thousands of refugees have arrived in Jordan over the past decade. This creates not only a burden on the budget, but also additional competition in the local labor market.

Unemployment in Jordan is as high as 23%, and among young people it exceeds 30%. In addition, there are serious problems with poverty. More than 97% of the residents of Jordan are Muslim. Despite the liberal laws and the cultural diversity of the country, immigrants must respect the traditions and customs of a foreign country. In general, Jordanians are very friendly and hospitable people. The country has a warm climate, good medicine, reasonable prices, and good living conditions.

Work permit in Jordan

Work permit in Jordan

The work week in Jordan lasts from Sunday to Thursday, the working day usually does not exceed 8 hours. The rate of income tax varies from 7 to 14%. To be officially employed, a foreigner must first find an employer, open a visa and obtain a work permit in Jordan. The difficulty is that the vacancy should not be applied for by locals. The local Ministry of Labor issues a work permit in Jordan. Initially, the document is valid for one year, after which it is extended.

Important. The laws of Jordan provide a special list of professions that are closed to foreigners. For example, in the field of medicine, engineering, administration, trade, security, repair of transport, hairdressing services and some others. Moreover, for positions of experts, technicians, and skilled workers, locals are given special priority.

It is very important to work closely with your local employer and the Jordanian diplomatic officials in your country for legal employment and a safe transition to Jordan.

How to find a job in Jordan

The dynamics of increasing unemployment and the large number of refugees make finding a job in Jordan quite difficult. To get a job you need to have serious qualifications, experience and even unique skills that local specialists do not have. The official language in Jordan is Arabic. Many residents are fluent in English, especially in a business environment. Jobs in Jordan without knowledge of the language, at least English, are virtually inaccessible.

How to find a job in Jordan

Most employment opportunities in Jordan are concentrated in the major cities - Irbid and Al-Zarqa, as well as the capital - Amman. Here operate major international and multinational companies in various fields, which mostly employ most foreigners. Visit Jordan as a tourist and appreciate the local culture and life. It will probably be easier to find a job that way. Look through advertisements in Jordanian newspapers, such as the Jordan Times.

Popular job search sites in Jordan

Professional Social Network –

If you can't find a job in Jordan on your own, contact a recruitment agency, preferably an international one. Take this question very seriously. Very often domestic mediators are elementary crooks. Especially at risk are the girls who are planning to work in Jordan in the tourism and entertainment industry. Draw up all the documents in advance and look for a way to legal employment.

Jobs and wages in Jordan

Jobs and wages in Jordan

Jordan is considered a steadily developing country with one of the highest quality of life in the entire Middle East region. About 78% of local workers are employed in the service sector, up to 20% work in the industrial sector, and only 2% in agriculture. The average wage in Jordan in 2024 is 450 Jordanian dinars per month, or 595 euros.

Income depends largely on the profession. For example, an ordinary worker can earn about 400 euros, a mid-level manager up to 1,000 euros, and an experienced programmer from 2,000 euros or more. Foreigners usually work in international organizations and large companies in skilled positions where you can count on a salary of 1,000-1,500 euros and above.

Jobs in Jordan for foreigners in 2024 are available in finance, information technology, telecommunications, pharmaceutical industry, some sectors of industry. For example, men can take positions as construction workers and specialists in the energy sector. Separately, it is worth highlighting the tourism industry. Jobs in Jordan for girls are offered in hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs and other entertainment venues.

Most require hostesses, dancers and girls modeling for the so-called work with visitors - consummation (encouraging customers to make purchases). Be extremely careful with this kind of employment. Trust less in the reviews of jobs in Jordan and rely on your own mind. Choose only trusted intermediaries or direct employers. Men can find a job in Jordan as a diving instructor. For lovers of this activity, the Gulf of Aqaba is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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