Today there are about 80 countries with suitable climatic conditions for the cultivation of coffee trees. However, only 50 countries are capable of producing coffee industrially. Coffee plantations are mainly located in South and Central America, Africa and Asia. By the way, this product is the second most popular commodity in the world after oil.

Countries with the best coffee

The taste of coffee is influenced by a number of factors - climate, altitude, growing conditions, soil composition and others. Determining which country has the highest quality coffee beans is quite difficult. Nevertheless, a non-profit organization, the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) has tried to do so.

Between 2010 and 2018, 1,229 coffee varieties from around the world were collected and evaluated by CQI-certified professional tasters. The experts' ability to accurately and consistently sort coffee by aroma, flavor, acidity, consistency, balance and more is tested with special tests. As a result, tasters found out which country's coffee is the best in the world.


1. Ethiopia
2. Kenya
3. Uganda
4. Colombia
5. El Salvador
6. Costa Rica
7. Thailand
8. Indonesia
9. Brazil
10. Tanzania
11. USA
12. Taiwan
13. Guatemala
14. Mexico
15. Honduras
16. Nicaragua

Contrary to popular belief, Brazil is not the country with the best coffee in the world, but it produces the most coffee. The state exports about 1/3 of the world volume of coffee. And the leadership in coffee quality today is held by African countries.

The best coffee in the world is produced in Ethiopia. The "Harrar" variety, which is grown in the highlands of the eastern part of the country in small farms, especially stands out. The coffee has a wine flavor and some tartness. Depending on the growing conditions it can have a spicy or fruity flavor.

In South America the best coffee is produced in Colombia. The state is considered a giant in the coffee business, supplying the world market with about 15% of this product. High quality Arabica coffee, known all over the world, is produced here, as well as many other varieties – Supremo, Extra, and Excelso.

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