Luxembourg is a small state in Western Europe, located between Belgium, France and Germany with a population in 2022 only about 642.4 thousand people. At the same time, according to official statistics, about 40% of the locals come from abroad. Luxembourg has one of the highest salaries in the world, which undoubtedly attracts migrant workers from all over the world.

Work in Luxembourg for foreigners in 2022 is an opportunity to significantly increase the family budget, enjoy the stunning nature, architectural structures and other local attractions. Despite the high level of competition in Luxembourg there are vacancies for both highly qualified specialists and unskilled workers.

Work in Luxembourg

The country has a stable and dynamic economy, with a variety of sectors - industrial, agricultural and financial. In 2022, unemployment in Luxembourg is about 5-6% and there is virtually no inflation. The standard of living of Luxembourgers is considered the highest in the eurozone, and the country is among the first in the world in terms of GDP per capita. How to find a job in Luxembourg, available vacancies and salaries, as well as requirements for foreigners will be discussed further in the article.

Employment of foreigners in Luxembourg

Unlike citizens of the European Union, who are free to work in Luxembourg, foreigners from third countries have to go through a number of procedures before they arrive in the country. The main task is to find an employer and conclude an employment contract. It is not easy to convince a local company of its competitive advantages, because a large number of Europeans work in Luxembourg, often even without permanent residence in this country.

In order to hire a foreigner, the employer must notify the National Employment Agency (Agence pour le développement de l'emploi – ADEM) of the vacancy. If within 3 weeks there are no local or European candidates for the job, it is allowed to apply for a job from other countries. After signing labour contract foreigner must apply to the Luxembourg Consulate for temporary residence permit and visa.

Employment of foreigners in Luxembourg

The documents for a temporary residence permit are examined by the Luxembourg Department for Foreigners. The following information is usually required:

  1. A copy of a valid foreign passport.

  2. Birth certificate.

  3. Copies of diplomas and other certificates proving qualifications.

  4. Duly completed resume, short biography and letter of motivation.

  5. Criminal record certificate.

  6. Copy of employment contract and certificate of employment eligibility obtained from ADEM.

The employees of the Luxembourg diplomatic office will provide more detailed assistance in the matter of collecting documents. The only thing worth mentioning is that all documentation must be properly certified and translated into one of the following languages - French, German or English. In the case of a positive decision on the issuance of a temporary residence permit, a long-term visa type D is issued.

After arrival in Luxembourg, you have to register at the municipal office (Kommune) in the place of residence within 3 working days and you can start working. In addition, within 3 months you will need to undergo a medical examination and apply to the immigration office for a residence permit.

Initially, the document is issued for one year with the right to extend and allows you to work only in a particular profession. After 5 years of permanent residence in Luxembourg, permanent residence is granted, and 10 years will allow you to obtain citizenship.

How to find a job in Luxembourg. Finding a job without intermediaries.

To successfully find a job in Luxembourg in 2022, foreigners will need qualifications, experience, language skills (English, French, German) and, most importantly, patience. Local authorities are mainly interested in attracting foreign specialists, who will be able to fill gaps in the local labor market and will benefit the economy of the country. How to find a job in Luxembourg

How to find a job in Luxembourg

Available vacancies in Luxembourg are published not only in local specialized publications, but also in the media of other European countries, in particular the UK and Germany. Use a comprehensive approach and all modern methods of employment. Let us highlight the main options for finding a job in Luxembourg.

The official website of the Luxembourg Public Employment Service –

Popular Luxembourg job search sites

A well-known newspaper in Luxembourg – Luxemburger Wort

Register with a professional social networking site, contact the employer directly or contact a recruitment agency, preferably one based in Luxembourg.

Jobs and wages in Luxembourg

The average wage in Luxembourg in 2022 after taxes and other compulsory deductions is about €3,295 per month. For example, it is 400 euros more than in Sweden. The minimum wage from January 1, 2022 is set at €2,256.95 per month for unskilled workers and €2,708.35 for skilled workers. This is the highest figure in the European Union.

Among the available jobs in Luxembourg for foreigners in 2022, above all, occupations requiring high qualifications stand out. This area of IT, business services, finance, insurance, investment, transport and logistics. Industrial decline after the financial crisis of 2008, led to a decrease in demand for workers' professions, however, the situation is normalized and experienced engineers and construction workers, may well count on a job.

A large number of multinational companies, EU institutions, international financial and banking institutions are concentrated in Luxembourg. A good level of English and a prestigious diploma will give good chances of employment in these structures. For unskilled job seekers there are vacancies in Luxembourg for nannies, housekeepers, caretakers, au pairs, including couples.

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