Sydney is the capital of the state of New South Wales, one of the most populous and oldest cities in Australia, which is located on the east coast of the country. Very beautiful and dynamic megalopolis attracts thousands of labor migrants from different corners of the planet every year.

Jobs in Sydney for foreigners in 2024 are available in many sectors of the economy – from services to manufacturing, however, the competition for jobs here is huge. Moreover, the city authorities are trying to attract exceptionally scarce for the local labor market specialists from abroad.


The benefits of immigrating to Australia are obvious, and Sydney is no exception. The city has spectacular nature, mild climate, ideal infrastructure, quality medicine and educational system. Australia's oldest university, the University of Sydney, is located here.

Interesting cafes, bars and restaurants function practically around the clock. The cultural scene is full of theaters, museums, galleries and art exhibitions. Let's talk about how to find a job, the specifics of labor migration, and what the current jobs and salaries are in Sydney in 2024.

Labor migration to Sydney

Sydney's population exceeds 5 million in 2024. And between 45% and 49% of locals come from abroad. According to many experts, it's one of the most diverse and monocultural cities in the world. In addition to the British, Sydney's ethnic makeup includes Chinese, Indians, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Germans, Italians, Greeks, and many other nationalities.

Sydney is an important financial and economic center of the country, which generates about 10% of GDP and continues to actively develop. A large number of local and foreign entrepreneurs when looking for a place to do business in Australia choose the capital of the state of New South Wales. Accordingly, this contributes to the growth of jobs available not only to Australian citizens, but also to foreigners.

Labor migration to Sydney

Unlike many Western European countries, the process of legal employment in Australia is often much easier, even though the mainland is geographically remote. This country has effective professional immigration programs helping job seekers evaluate their chances of finding a job in Sydney, local employers find the right specialists, and the authorities control the migration flow.

In particular, the online service Skill Select is designed specifically for skilled foreign workers, whose services are interested in the Australian economy. All official conditions and requirements for applicants from abroad to move to Sydney for employment, including types of work visas, immigration programs, lists of scarce occupations and much more can be found on the government portal of Australia –

How to find a job in Sydney

Sydney is considered to be one of the richest and most successful cities in the world, largely due to the influx of highly skilled migrant workers and wealthy businessmen. In order to obtain a temporary or long-term work visa, applicants must have a college degree, an in-demand profession, and sufficient experience and skills. Command of English at a good level is required. Preferable age – no more than 45 years.

When looking for a job in Sydney, first of all, familiarize yourself with the lists of scarce occupations throughout Australia. Write a well-written (concise) resume and cover letter. Write job offers to employers directly. The city is home to hundreds of international companies and large national employers. For example, Woolworths (trade), Macquarie Group (finance), Brambles (logistics), Ramsay Health Care (health care).

Searching for jobs in Sydney

Government job

Australian Government Employment

Well-known newspaper in SydneyThe Sydney Morning Herald

Professional social networking

Popular job search sites in Sydney

Jobs and wages in Sydney


Most jobs in Sydney are concentrated in financial and banking services, real estate and information technology, manufacturing and retail. Specialists are needed in health care and social services. The tourist industry occupies a separate place. Annually, Sydney is visited by 3-4 million foreigners and up to 10 million people from other regions of Australia.

The city's economy experiences a certain shortage of qualified personnel, so the local authorities have a positive attitude to foreign specialists. Good chances to find a job in Sydney have builders, engineers, programmers, medical personnel and owners of working professions – mechanics, electricians and plumbers. Social workers to care for the elderly are very often needed.

Salaries in Australia as a whole is one of the highest in the world, and Sydney directly on the level of wages among the top ten cities in the world. The minimum rate is 23.23 Australian dollars per hour (about 13 euros). According to data of Bureau of statistics of Australia, at full employment the average wage in Sydney in 2024 makes 1,650 local dollars a week or 7,150 a month that is equivalent to 1,060 and 4,600 euros (before taxes).


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