Australia's economy has been booming for the past few decades. Abundant natural resources and sound government reforms have contributed to the prosperity of the local population and the country as a whole. Many ethnic groups live in Australia, including English, Irish, Scots, Italians and Germans. Many immigrants come from the former Soviet Union.

Work in Australia

Work in Australia for foreigners in 2023 is accessible in various spheres, beginning from temporary employment in agriculture, finishing long-term employment for qualified experts with registration of permanent residence. For this purpose, the country has a number of immigration programs.

Unemployment in Australia is about 3–4%. Three-quarters of Australian workers are employed in the service sector, while agriculture accounts for no more than 3.5%. Successful employment in Australia will require analysis of the local labor market, taking into account regional characteristics and soberly assess your chances. Below, we'll learn how to find a job in Australia, where to look for a job, and what salaries and job openings are available in 2023.

How to go to work in Australia

Despite the loyal attitude of the Australian authorities to potential immigrants, finding a job in Australia is not easy at all. The main requirements for foreigners are experience, qualifications, English language ability, and most importantly, the demand for the profession. Professional immigration programs are considered to be the best way to find employment in Australia for applicants from abroad.

Specialized service Skill Select significantly simplifies the search for a suitable job in Australia and allows qualified applicants relatively quickly get a work visa.

Detailed information on types of work visas to Australia, lists of scarce occupations and conditions of labor immigration can be found on the official government portal of the country – Language skills are an important consideration. Working in Australia without knowledge of the language – it is absolutely a losing option, which will not bring neither financial nor moral satisfaction.

Good chances for employment in Australia have qualified young people under the age of 45-50 years, with sufficient work experience and excellent knowledge of English, which must be confirmed by a certificate. Take seriously a resume and cover letter tailored for local employers. The process of obtaining a work visa takes 2-3 months. It may take even longer to find a suitable position.

How to find a job in Australia. Job Search.

Australia's immigration authorities issue several hundred thousand work visas, both permanent and temporary, every year. At the same time, the competition in the local labor market is quite significant. Search for jobs in Australia at a distance, that is, if you are in their country, is complicated by the lack of open jobs in the free access. Up to 70% of jobs simply are not posted online.

How to find a job in Australia

Nevertheless, there are many ways to find a job in Australia for foreigners. For example, in today's conditions it is worth actively using social networks, especially professional – Communication with experienced immigrants can bring results. Write job offers to employers directly. There are many large companies in Australia, including Caltex Australia, Suncorp, Wesfarmers, Qantas and others.

Look carefully at the list of scarce occupations in Australia. Here's a link to the list with changes relevant for 2022. Visit the official website of the Australian Public Employment Service – and the national portal with a database of open jobs –

Popular job search sites in Australia

Famous Australian newspapers

The Australian

The West Australian

The Courier-Mail

You can't find a job in Australia on your own, you can contact one of the local recruitment agencies. Use to find them.

Jobs and salaries in Australia

Jobs and salaries in Australia

In Australia, there is a wide list of jobs for which foreigners can apply. These can be seasonal jobs such as farming, hospitality, and service industries. There are variants of long-term employment, where qualified specialists of technical professions are mainly required. Jobs in Australia in mines, information technology, construction and other industrial sectors are popular with foreign job seekers.

If you take the available jobs in Australia in 2023, first of all, you need to study the list of professions in short supply. In particular, this year you will find jobs for health workers, though here there may be difficulties with the recognition of education or be required to take additional training. There is a demand for engineers, construction workers, mechanics, electricians, social workers and plumbers.

The average wage in Australia in 2023 is about 5.8 thousand Australian dollars a month or 4.2 thousand in U.S. currency. The official minimum hourly wage from July 1, 2022 is 21.38 dollars. At popular among foreigners types of unskilled labor, such as work in Australia on the harvest, as well as waitresses, cleaners, nurses, nannies, bartenders and so on can earn up to $ 2 thousand per month. Experienced and qualified foreigners, with a good command of English, can well count on 3-4 thousand dollars and above.

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