Saudi Arabia is the largest state, located on the Arabian Peninsula. It is washed by the waters of the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, and most of the territory is covered with deserts. It borders Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait in the north, Qatar and the UAE in the east, Oman in the south-east, and Yemen in the south.

Salary in Saudi Arabia

The high living standards of the Saudis and the wealth of the country as a whole are ensured by huge oil reserves (at least one sixth of the world's reserves), the export of which accounts for about 90% of the budget revenues. Next, find out what salaries in Saudi Arabia in 2024.

Minimum and average salary in Saudi Arabia

The official minimum wage in Saudi Arabia in 2024 is 4,000 Saudi riyals per month, equivalent to 1,065 US dollars. It applies only to local citizens and does not apply to foreigners. In addition, the rate applies only to the public sector. There is no minimum wage in Saudi Arabia in the private sector.

Important. The last time the minimum wage in Saudi Arabia changed was April 18, 2021.

According to official information from the General Directorate of Statistics, the average salary in Saudi Arabia in 2024 is 10,238 Saudi riyals per month, which at the current rate is 2,730 U.S. dollars. The amount includes the public and private sectors, non-profit organizations, international and regional agencies. It is the basic average income of local workers without any surcharges, compensation or bonuses.

Note. This is the basic average income of local workers without any allowances, compensation or bonuses. According to the current information from the reputable portal Numbeo, after all contributions local workers receive an average of 6,100 riyals ($1,625) per month.


  • International and regional agencies – 16,257 riyals ($4,330)

  • Public sector – 11,198 riyals ($2,985)

  • Private sector – 7,339 riyals ($1,955)

  • Non-profit organizations – 4,750 riyals ($1,265)

Note. *The information on average wages by sector is based on official data from Saudi Arabia's General Statistics Office.

Health care workers in Saudi Arabia receive between 2,600 and 70,000 riyals per month. It is one of the most prestigious professions in the country. The health care system earns 17% more than other sectors of the economy. The average salary of a doctor in Saudi Arabia is 20,250 riyals per month ($5,400). In another popular profession for foreigners – an English teacher, you can count on a monthly income of 3,000 to 5,000 dollars.

In conclusion, there is no income tax in Saudi Arabia. Local authorities are taking measures to modernize the economy and today qualified foreign specialists can find jobs in Saudi Arabia not only in the oil industry, but also partly in tourism, construction and information technology.

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