As a result of the agreement signed between Britain and China in 1997, Hong Kong returned under the Chinese jurisdiction, but with the rights of broad autonomy until 2047 in almost all matters except defense and foreign policy. Today it is the largest financial and investment center not only in Asia, but also in the world.

Open market economy, ideal infrastructure, high standard of living, high-quality system of public health, safety and many other positive factors attract a large number of foreigners to this region, including for the purpose of finding work in Hong Kong.

Work in Hong Kong

Of course, there are also less pleasant moments for labor migration to Hong Kong. For example, exorbitant prices for accommodation, language barriers (about 90% of locals communicate mostly in Cantonese), hectic pace of life and high competition in the labour market. Nevertheless, working in Hong Kong for expatriates in 2024 is a viable way to increase your income significantly, as well as an opportunity to immigrate to Asia permanently.

To successfully find a job in Hong Kong, an overseas job seeker will need to have a serious competitive advantage. You will definitely need a high level of English proficiency and a university degree, especially from a British institution of higher learning, as well as qualifications, skills and experience of a top-class specialist will also be essential. Traditional areas for job searching in Hong Kong are the banking and financial sector, hotel and restaurant business, media, telecommunications, high technology, medicine and education.

How to go to work in Hong Kong

In most cases Hong Kong companies need qualified foreign specialists capable of filling gaps in the local labour market and possessing especially valuable skills. Thus, unskilled workers have absolutely poor chances for employment in Hong Kong.

First of all, the applicant must find a Hong Kong employer who will agree to sign a labor contract with a foreigner and become a so-called sponsor. Then begins a quite liberal, but still similar to most developed countries bureaucratic and complicated procedure for registration of permits for employment of foreigners.

First of all, you must obtain a work permit in Hong Kong. Each application is considered separately by the local Department of Immigration, the process may take up to 1.5-2 months.

Obligatory conditions for obtaining a work permit in Hong Kong

How to go to work in Hong Kong

  • Signed employment contract;

  • Absence of applicants for the vacancy among local residents;

  • Higher education;

  • Experience and skills of a foreigner that may be classified as scarce in the Hong Kong labour market;

  • Absence of criminal record or other criminal acts threatening the security of the region;

  • Working conditions, salary and social package correspond to the level of local workers.

As a rule, an employer is responsible for arranging a work visa for a foreign applicant. Local immigration laws provide several types of visas allowing you to officially work in Hong Kong or conduct business. The most popular with foreign applicants is the General Employment Policy work visa.

The application processing time is usually less than one month. The visa is issued for one year with an option to extend it for 2 and then 3 years. Allows you to bring relatives (spouses and minor children) in Hong Kong. No quotas or restrictions on areas of activity are envisaged. The main condition for obtaining a General Employment Policy work visa is the foreigner's knowledge, experience, and professionalism.

Less qualified job seekers in Hong Kong can try to get a work visa Entry Visa for a New Helper which is issued to domestic helpers or household staff. In this case, you will have to live at the employer's residence and there is no possibility of taking your family with you.

More details on the conditions and requirements for work visas in Hong Kong can be found on the official website of the Department of Immigration –

How to find a job (vacancies) in Hong Kong without intermediaries

An effective job search in Hong Kong for foreigners largely depends on the degree of English proficiency, and ideally one should have skills of Cantonese dialect. On the other hand, the impressive presence of international companies in the region makes it possible to find a high-paying job without knowledge of the official language.

How to find a work in Hong Kong

Finding a job in Hong Kong without knowing the language is an absolutely impossible task. Of course, when it comes to legal employment. Options of illegal labor migration will not be considered within the framework of this article. The next difficulty lies in the competition with local applicants. The vast majority of vacancies are offered to permanent residents of Hong Kong and China as a whole.

Nevertheless, foreign workers also have chances. Below, let's look at the main options for finding a job in Hong Kong on your own.

First of all, visit the official website of the Hong Kong Department of Labour – Although the information is mainly intended for local residents, you can still find a lot of useful information about Hong Kong's job market here. Visit the website for the same purpose.

Popular Hong Kong job sites

International resources for Hong Kong jobs

Hong Kong newspaper websites

Hong Kong Standard

South China Morning Post

Contact employers directly, use professional and general social media, spend time on topical forums, and be sure to visit Hong Kong as a tourist. As a last resort, use the services of a trusted recruitment agency.

Jobs and wages in Hong Kong

Jobs and wages in Hong Kong

As already mentioned, Hong Kong is a powerful economic and financial center, where a huge number of companies operate, including multinational companies. It is in such corporations that foreigners have good chances of employment. For example, applicants from abroad can find jobs in Hong Kong in 2024 in the following major companies – HSBC, Cathay Pacific Airways, China Mobile, CLP Holdings and CITIC Pacific.

Business consultants, brand managers, auditors, and marketers are considered to be scarce occupations in Hong Kong. It is very difficult to get such jobs, but the salary level here is very high. In general, jobs in Hong Kong in 2024 are presented in the tourism sphere, medicine, at the market of financial and bank services, logistics, engineering, high technology sphere, often teachers and teachers of English are required.

Jobs in Hong Kong for girls are available in the media industry, especially if the appearance is appropriate, as well as in bars, restaurants, hotels and other service industries. The official minimum wage in Hong Kong in 2024 (from May 1, 2023) is HK$40 per hour (about US$5). This level is above the global average. The average wage in Hong Kong in 2024 is about HK$2,100.

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