Turkey is located in the southeast of Europe and southwest Asia. It borders with Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran in the east, Iraq and Syria in the south, and Greece and Bulgaria in the west. The state has a great history, culture and traditions, mostly comfortable climate and beautiful nature.

The population of Turkey in 2022 is about 85.4 million people. Unemployment is around 11–12%. The vast majority of local residents (99%) are Muslim. Over 4 million Turkish citizens are not officially employed, and about 26 million are employed. Let's find out what salaries in Turkey in 2022.

Salary in Turkey

Minimum salary in Turkey

According to official information from the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the pre-tax minimum wage in Turkey in 2022 is 5,004 liras per month, the equivalent of $335. After tax deductions, an employee is left with 4,253.40 liras ($285). The rate is relevant for single employees or employees with a working spouse.

Note. For married workers with three children, the after-tax minimum wage in Turkey rises to 4,937.59 lira ($335). The annual severance pay (gross) is 10,848.59 liras ($730).

Compared to last year, the minimum wage in Turkey has increased by 1,426.5 liras – from 3,577.5 liras in 2021, to 5,004 liras in 2022. And over the past five years, Turkish workers have been earning 3,226.5 liras more. That is, the minimum wage rate has more than doubled. The daily minimum wage in Turkey in 2022 is 165 liras ($11).

Average salary in Turkey

According to Turkish statistical agencies and recruitment agencies, the average wage in Turkey in 2022 is 10,000 liras per month, which at the current exchange rate is $675. After taxes, the net income of a Turkish worker is 7,825 liras ($525). These figures are relevant for large metropolitan areas such as Istanbul and Ankara.

Important. According to the official information of the Turkish Statistical Institute, women in Turkey on average earn 46,208 liras per year, while men earn 50,297 liras.

The highest annual average gross earnings in Turkey are recorded in the "Information and communication" economic activity sector at 100,467 liras. This is followed by the "Finance and insurance activities" sector at 95,314 liras. The lowest average annual gross income was achieved in the "Accommodation and catering services" sector at 35,172 liras, and in the "Administrative and auxiliary services" sector at 38,080 liras.


Sector of economy Turkish Liras per month US Dollars per month
Information and communication 7,492 965
Financial and insurance 6,559 845
Education 5,280 680
Professional, scientific and technical activities 4,888 630
Mining and quarrying 4,746 610
Arts 4,572 590
Supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning 4,522 580
Water, sanitation and waste management 4,484 575
Health and social work 4,429 570
Transport and storage 4,054 520
Manufacturing 3,642 470
Wholesale and retail trade 3,514 450
Real estate operations 3,419 440
Construction 3,324 430
Administrative and auxiliary services 3,999 385
Accommodation and catering 2,872 370
Other services 3,807 490

Note. Information on average wages in Turkey by sector of Economy is based on current official data from the Turkish Statistical Institute.

In conclusion, we note that the income tax rate in Turkey varies from 15 to 40%. At a maximum rate of 40% is taxed on annual income over 820,000 liras, and at a minimum rate of 15% annual income up to 32,000 liras.

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