Southeast Asia is a collection of islands and peninsulas with various mountainous areas and plateaus. One of the most dynamic regions of the world in economic terms, with an impressive diversity of religion, culture and history. The most remote regions of Southeast Asia are surrounded by various archipelagos and coral reefs.

Important. Southeast Asia is home to about 600 million people and a combined GDP of about $900 billion. The economies of Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia, which have been growing very rapidly in recent years, are called the "Asian Tigers of the Second Wave.

Countries of Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is located below China north of the Australian continent and east of India. The reason for these landforms and the predominance of volcanoes in the region is primarily due to the location of two fault lines at the top. Thus, numerous tsunamis occur here every year. Next, let's highlight all the countries located in Southeast Asia.



1. Burma (Myanmar) 676,578 53,708,320
2. Brunei 5,765 437,479
3. East Timor 14,874 1,267,974
4. Vietnam 331,210 95,545,962
5. Indonesia 1,904,569 267,670,543
6. Cambodia 181,035 16,718,965
7. Laos 236,800 7,061,507
8. Malaysia 329,847 31,528,033
9. Singapore 719.2 5,757,499
10. Thailand 513,120 69,428,453
11. Philippines 300,000 106,651,394

Due to its comfortable geographic location near the equator, Southeast Asia enjoys incredibly warm weather. Despite occasional downpours, sunny days generally prevail in the region. In general, it is a favorable place both for recreation and for conducting professional activities. Jobs in Singapore are particularly popular with migrant workers.

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