Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, located on the shores of the Persian Gulf. The most important economic and financial center of the state. More than 75% of the UAE workforce are migrant workers from around the world. Usually foreigners prefer to work in Dubai, as well as in the capital Abu Dhabi.

Most people associate Dubai with high skyscrapers, golden sands and all the luxuries of the modern world. The color of this beautiful city extends from the top of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, to a variety of street markets, inside of which you can feel the inexpressible aroma of oriental spices.

When is the best time to go to Dubai

Jobs in the UAE are available in service, tourism, construction, healthcare, logistics, education, telecommunications. In recent years, medical workers and programmers are in particular demand. Potential income ranges from $1,000 to $8,000 a month and up. Salaries in Dubai average $4,000-5,000.

Foreigners are attracted not only by the hired labor and the effective tax system of the UAE, with no income tax, but also by the prospects of doing profitable business in this developed country. This has become especially relevant in 2024 due to the tense geopolitical situation on the territory of the former post-Soviet space and in the world as a whole.

In addition to professional activities, hundreds of thousands of foreigners visit Dubai every year for tourism purposes. The UAE is a very hot country and the weather varies slightly depending on the time of year. That is why many travelers wonder when it is better to go to Dubai. Let's look into it. The information will be useful not only for tourists, but also for all foreigners planning to visit this Arab country.

Important. The best time to visit Dubai is November-February. This is the peak of the tourist season.

The most favorable time to travel to the emirate of Dubai and the UAE as a whole is November-February. During this period, the temperature is comfortable, mostly sunny and not very hot. There are a lot of interesting events going on in the city, from shopping exhibitions to various technological and sporting events.

The average temperature in Dubai in November is about 25°C (maximum 30°C and minimum 19°C). The last month of autumn is a great choice for those who want to bask in the sun in the Emirates. By February the temperature drops even further and becomes perfectly pleasant with highs of 24°C and lows of 15°C.

From May to August the temperature rises sharply to 40°C in Dubai, with hotel prices dropping and the crowds dissipating. This is a great time to visit the UAE for fans of extreme heat or for entrepreneurs who plan to spend most of their time in air-conditioned restaurants, shopping and business centers.

When is the best time to go to Dubai (by month):

  • October-December – sightseeing, walking, traveling

  • January – shopping tour

  • February-March – universal months

  • April-May – beach vacations

  • June-September – water parks, attractions, restaurants

In conclusion, we note that there are no restrictions on visiting the UAE during Ramadan. And no matter what month of the year falls on a Muslim fast. During the day, some stores and restaurants may be closed, but in the evening activity is restored. Of course, foreigners need to respect the customs and culture of a foreign country.

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