Hungary is a small country in the central part of Europe with a population of about10 million people in 2024. Since 2004 the state has been a member of the European Union, the economy shows stable growth and the standard of living of Hungarians is gradually improving. Despite the noticeable lag in many indicators from more successful European countries, today work in Hungary is in great demand, especially among migrant workers from third countries, who in addition to employment often seek to obtain a Hungarian passport.

Citizenship of Hungary

Hungarian citizenship is an opportunity for a foreigner to become a full-fledged citizen of the European Union, which will allow free movement, employment, business and other benefits within the framework of this association. In addition, entry to many other developed countries of the world, including the United States, Japan and New Zealand, is greatly simplified. In general, this is a very beautiful and colorful state, comfortable for permanent residence. About how to get citizenship of Hungary in 2024 we will talk further.

Obtaining Hungarian citizenship

The Hungarian passport is issued on the basis of the law "On Hungarian Citizenship" from 1993. The document is periodically amended, in particular, the most significant changes date back to 2011. Since then, former Hungarian subjects or foreigners who are descendants of persons who had Hungarian citizenship before 1920 or between 1941-1945 can obtain a passport by repatriation. The applicant's place of residence is not important, but Hungarian language skills are mandatory.

The Hungarian Immigration and Citizenship Office is responsible for receiving and processing applications for Hungarian citizenship. Usually applications are processed within 60 days, but the period can be extended for a similar period. In addition, in case of absence of any documents or in order to clarify information, the officers of the office have the right to request additional information, thus the deadline for issuing a passport is automatically extended. Let us consider all legal options for obtaining a Hungarian passport.

Important. The Hungarian legislation allows you to have dual citizenship.

Ways to obtain Hungarian citizenship

Hungarian citizenship by birth

It is easiest to get a Hungarian passport when at least one of the parents is a Hungarian citizen. And the country of birth in this case does not matter. The same rule applies to adopted minor children of Hungarians. But if the parents are foreigners, even birth on Hungarian territory does not entitle them to Hungarian citizenship.

In addition to ethnic Hungarians who can apply for a passport on the basis of the 2011 amendments (see above), the following categories are eligible to obtain Hungarian citizenship on application:

  • Persons (under 19 years of age) who were born in Hungary and have resided in Hungary for at least 5 years prior to the application.

  • Persons who lost their Hungarian passport between September 15 and May 2, 1990 due to immigration to other countries.

Hungarian citizenship by naturalization

Hungarian citizenship by naturalization

In order to obtain Hungarian citizenship through naturalization procedure, a candidate must meet the following conditions:

  1. Permanent legal residence in Hungary for 8 years.

  2. Absence of a criminal record.

  3. Having a legal source of income to live in Hungary.

  4. Compliance with local laws and generally good behavior that does not undermine the national security of the country.

  5. Knowledge of the Hungarian language and the basic provisions of the Constitution.

Important. The requirements of paragraph 5 do not apply to persons over 60 years of age or in case of limited legal capacity. In addition, it is not necessary to prove Hungarian language skills upon graduation from a Hungarian educational institution with instruction in the local language.

The period of permanent residence in Hungary is reduced:

  • up to 5 years – for stateless candidates and persons born in Hungary or residing in Hungary until the age of 18.

  • up to 3 years – for spouses of Hungarian citizens (marriage relationship of at least 3 years), refugees, parents of Hungarian minors.

Hungarian citizenship for investment

Until recently, one of the most accessible ways to obtain Hungarian citizenship for applicants without Hungarian roots was to make large investments in the local economy, more specifically, in government bonds with a maturity of up to 5 years. The minimum amount of funds was 300 thousand euros.

Within 6 months of buying the bonds, the foreigner received a permanent residence permit for 5 years, and after 3 years (sometimes earlier) Hungarian citizenship was granted. Moreover, the right to permanent residence in Hungary was granted to the spouses, children and parents of the principal applicant. As of 2024, this program has been suspended.

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