The success of labor migration to a developed country depends on a number of factors, including language skills, qualifications, experience, age, and personal qualities of the foreigner. Most applicants, considering different directions to move, first of all, pay attention to salary, standard of living, future prospects, and only then to migration legislation.

Germany, Great Britain, Israel, France, Switzerland, and some other leaders in economic development are considered attractive to immigrants. However, competition in the labor market in these countries is just off the charts. Sometimes it is more effective to choose a more modest European country. For example, Hungary.

The country has been a member of the EU since 2004. Comfortable location in the center of Europe and the border with seven countries contributes to the establishment of trade relations. Despite the severe consequences of the global financial crisis, the economy is gradually growing, investments are coming, and unemployment is decreasing. Today it is about 3–4%, which is not bad at all for the EU.

Work in Hungary

Working in Hungary for foreigners in 2024 is a good start for moving to Europe permanently or temporarily supplementing the family budget. Of course, it's not all that simple. In any EU state, the labor force from third countries is practically under the microscope. So, let's try to find out how to find a job in Hungary in 2024, specify available jobs and salaries, and take a look at the procedure of moving.

Features of employment in Hungary

The Hungarian labor law is built with the interests of locals and EU citizens in mind. In other words, these two categories have the right to work in the first place. If a Hungarian employer wishes to hire a specialist from a country outside the European Union, a special permit is required. For that purpose, information about the vacancy must be submitted to the local labour office. In order for the application to be approved, three basic prerequisites must be fulfilled:

  • No Hungarian or EU citizen has applied for the position for at least 15 days;

  • The experience, education and qualifications of the foreigner are appropriate for the job;

  • The foreign specialist's satisfactory state of health is confirmed (medical certificate).

From this we can conclude that it is quite difficult to find a job in Hungary, but the requirements in other developed countries are identical. If you compare the level of competition and add relatively low wages, which are not very attractive to EU citizens, the Hungarian labor market is quite accessible. At least professionals, especially those with knowledge of Hungarian, sometimes only English, have a good chance of employment.

Features of employment in Hungary

For some workers from abroad permission from the labor office is not required at all, so the procedure for moving to Hungary is greatly simplified, for example:

  1. Professional athletes with a valid employment contract.

  2. Researchers and artists who work in Hungary at the invitation of one of the accredited universities or cultural institutions.

  3. Managers of representative offices of foreign companies in Hungary.

  4. Top managers in Hungarian companies with foreign capital.

  5. Employees of diplomatic departments.

  6. Employees of companies with a significant share of foreign investment, provided that the number of foreign specialists does not exceed 2% of the total staff.

  7. Key employees holding positions in Hungarian firms on the basis of international agreements.

In the case of an approved job position in Hungary for a foreigner and a work permit, a long-term visa (type D) is issued at the Hungarian consulate. The processing time of a visa application with the possibility of employment can last up to two months. After arrival, one must apply to the Hungarian Immigration Office for a residence permit. Usually the first work permit is issued for one year with the right of further extension.

Important. Follow all the requirements of the local authorities and work officially. Otherwise you face fines and a ban on entry into Hungary for up to 10 years.

Job search in Hungary without intermediaries

A large number of jobs on the Hungarian labor market are not publicly available. That is, an independent job search in Hungary in 2024 may be more effective if you first go to this country as a tourist. On the spot to find a job is much easier.

Friends and acquaintances who already have experience or are currently working in Hungary, this is also a big plus. Recommendations and connections no one cancelled, and Hungary is no exception in this regard. Otherwise, you will need the internet and patience to find a job. Use as many sources of information as possible.

Popular Hungarian job search sites

Foreign resources for job placement in Hungary

Famous Hungarian Newspapers

Professional social network Visit the Hungarian Public Employment Service's website at Write offers to Hungarian companies directly or use the services of local recruitment agencies. A comprehensive approach is sure to yield results.

Jobs and wages in Hungary

Unfortunately Hungarian salaries today are among the lowest in the EU. If your main goal of labor immigration to Hungary is to increase your income level many times over, forget it. On the other hand, these are quite acceptable figures. According to the local statistical office, the average wage in Hungary in 2024 – 1,540 euros per month, and after deducting taxes remains about 1,025 euros.

Jobs and wages in Hungary

This is more than in Romania or Bulgaria, but less than in Latvia or Lithuania. By the way, in 2023 the growth of average wages in Hungary was about 10%. The minimum wage in Hungary from January 1, 2024 is 695 euros per month (266,800 forints) for unskilled workers and 850 euros (326,000 forints) for skilled workers.

When choosing a job in Hungary in 2024 for foreigners, when it comes to a prestigious and well-paid job, the focus should be on the numerous representative offices of international companies. The lion's share of such companies is located, of course, in the capital of Hungary – Budapest. For example, Vodafone, Nestle, Phillips, Nokia, IBM and many others.

Programmers and experienced engineers have good chances to find jobs in Hungary. There are vacancies in the field of banking, accounting, management. International drivers (truck drivers) with experience are often in demand. There is also a demand for unskilled labor, sometimes without strict Hungarian language requirements.

Usually these are jobs in agriculture or service personnel in the tourism, hotel and restaurant business. In general, foreigners in Hungary can count on a salary of 500-700 euros per month, and skilled workers about 1,000 euros.

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