Long-term stay (more than 90 days) of foreigners from third countries in the territory of any of the European Union countries implies a special permit, in other words, a residence permit. Sweden is no exception to this rule. And the number of those wishing to immigrate to this Scandinavian country is steadily growing.

Residence permit in Sweden

A residence permit in Sweden for foreigners implies the presence of legal grounds for moving. Often it is related to employment, study and business activities in Sweden. People also move to reunite with close relatives or marry a Swedish passport holder.

Sweden is a rather attractive country with a high level of income, extensive social benefits and quality education. Developed economy, especially in the field of high technology, ensures the growth of the population's welfare in the long term. Next, let's look in detail at how to get a residence permit in Sweden in 2024.

How to get a residence permit in Sweden

Since 2011 in Sweden, as well as in other countries of the European Union, a residence permit is issued in the form of a special card, resembling a regular credit card. The document contains biometric data of the owner, i.e. color photo and fingerprints. In addition, there is information about the validity period and type of residence permit.

Obtaining a residence permit card in Sweden for foreigners is carried out through the Swedish Consulate in their country. That is, this category of foreigners, unlike residents of the European Union, except in very rare cases, can not get a residence permit already on Swedish territory, for example, on a tourist visa.

If there are sufficient grounds for residence in Sweden for more than 3 months, for example, enrollment in a university or official work, the corresponding application for a residence permit is sent to the Swedish Consulate, which, in turn, passes the information to the Swedish Immigration Agency. In some cases, the petition is registered on the official website of this organization.

Employees of the agency carefully consider the application and decide whether to issue a residence permit. In the diplomatic department will conduct the necessary consultations and notify when the residence permit card will be ready, there will also collect biometric data of the foreigner. The terms of issuance of the document are absolutely different, depending on the purpose and the specific case. As a rule, it is a range from 2 to 9 months, sometimes longer.

When receiving a residence permit card in hand, it is necessary to check the reliability of the information indicated on it, special attention should be paid to the name, which must exactly match the data in the passport. This document is not an identity card. For example, when traveling in Europe, it will be necessary to provide to check two documents at the same time as a card and passport.

The validity of the residence permit card in Sweden is a maximum of 5 years. After this period, the document is replaced at the migration agency, and the procedure for taking biometric data is repeated, since this information is not stored in the databases of the agency. Replacement is also carried out if the type of residence permit card is lost or changed.

As a rule, a residence permit in Sweden is issued for 1-2 years, with the right of further extension. Living in the country for 4 years will allow you to obtain the status of permanent resident, and after another year to apply for Swedish citizenship.

Important. The period of study in a Swedish university is not counted as the time of permanent residence in Sweden and, accordingly, will not accelerate the process of citizenship.

Grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Sweden

  • Work

  • Study

  • Business

  • Family

Residence permit in Sweden for the purpose of family reunification

Family reunification in Sweden

Family members of a Swedish citizen or permanent resident card holder are eligible for a residence permit in Sweden. This category includes the following persons:

  • Spouses who are legally married.

  • Persons living in a so-called common-law marriage.

  • Partners, in the case of same-sex relationships.

  • Children under the age of 18, including adopted children.

  • In special cases, close relatives.

What is meant by close relatives.

It refers to the move to Sweden of children over 18 years of age or, conversely, parents to an adult foreigner permanently residing in Swedish territory. The main requirement is the ability to prove the social proximity of family members, which implies a difficult emotional state from being at a great distance from each other. In addition, the relatives must live together before the move, and it is advisable to submit the application as soon as possible after the family member has immigrated to Sweden and obtained permanent residence.

An important prerequisite for a residence permit for relatives is financial security and the availability of living space sufficient to accommodate all persons. If the spouses were married and lived together in their country for 2 years before one of them moved to Sweden, it is possible to obtain a permanent residence permit at once. Otherwise, a temporary residence permit is issued for a period of validity of 1-2 years, with the right to extend.

Family reunification is one of the longest ways of moving to Sweden. Depending on the situation, it can take from 8 to 21 months to process the application. The fee is 2,000 SEK (175 EUR) for adults and 1,000 SEK (88 EUR) for children under 18 years of age.

To learn more about the procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Sweden, visit the official website of the Swedish migration agency Here you can apply for a residence permit electronically, thus significantly reducing the waiting time for the document. Before doing so, be sure to consult with the Swedish Consulate staff.

What gives a residence permit in Sweden

  • Free movement between Schengen countries with the right to stay on this territory for up to 90 days within 6 months.

  • High-quality education with bright employment prospects in a world-renowned company.

  • Opportunity to open a business in a country with minimal corruption and a transparent legal system.

  • Access to European loans with low interest rates.

  • Life in a democratic country with high social standards and low crime rate.

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