Every year, Sweden's population is swollen by thousands of migrants from different countries. And it is not only refugees from the Middle East region. For example, in recent years, the number of Ukrainians who received Swedish citizenship has increased significantly. For the period 2015-2023, not one thousand passports were issued to representatives of this country.

Sweden successfully combines a modern market economy and a high level of social security. The quality of life of Swedes can only be envied. The country has been a member of the European Union since 1995, but remains outside the eurozone. This does not hinder the development of trade relations.

Citizenship of Sweden

In Sweden there are optimal conditions for employment of foreigners, and if certain requirements are met, it is possible to open your own business. As is known, the country holds leading global positions in the field of innovation and development of high technologies. In addition, the government maximally promotes the attraction of investments from abroad.

Swedish universities are among the most prestigious in Europe, respectively, the quality of education is at the highest level. However, students from third countries have to pay for their studies. On the other hand, a large number of programs are presented in English.

In this article we will talk about how to obtain Swedish citizenship for foreigners in 2024. Let's consider the main options, requirements and advantages that give a Swedish passport.

How to obtain Swedish citizenship

It is worth noting at once that due to changes in local legislation, since 2001 in Sweden it is allowed to have dual citizenship. That is, any foreigner can get a Swedish passport without losing the previous one, if the legal norms in the native country do not prohibit it.

Obtaining Swedish citizenship is not so long and complicated procedure, compared to other European countries. As a rule, the period of permanent residence in the country should be at least 5 years. In some cases, the total is less. Let us dwell in detail on the main options for obtaining a Swedish passport.

Swedish citizenship by naturalization

Requirements for foreigners:

  1. Age of at least 18 years.

  2. Identification of the candidate's identity. Usually a civil passport is used for this purpose. In some cases, if the foreigner is unable to provide identity documents, the certificate of close relatives – husband or wife – is allowed. In addition, the Swedish authorities can make concessions if the candidate has lived in Sweden for 8 years and information about his identity is not in doubt.

  3. Permanent residence in Sweden for at least 5 years. The requirement implies legal presence on Swedish territory by means of a residence permit or a residence permit. This basically means study, employment, business or close family ties with a Swedish citizen. Sometimes the five-year period is reduced to:

    • 2 years, for citizens of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland;
    • 3 years, if married to a Swedish resident for at least 2 years;
    • 4 years, for refugees;
    • 4 years, for stateless persons.

    The period of permanent residence in Sweden does not include stays abroad of more than six weeks annually. In addition, temporary residence permits, for example in the form of training courses or business trips, are not taken into account.

  4. Compliance with Swedish laws, no criminal record and no outstanding administrative fines and tax liabilities.

A criminal record does not mean an absolute refusal to be granted Swedish citizenship. Depending on the crime and the prison term, the Swedish passport application period is extended by 1-10 years.

The application for Swedish citizenship is made online via the website of the Swedish immigration agency or by registered letter by regular mail. The cost is 1,500 kroner (about 135 euros). The processing time of the application may vary from case to case, usually 9-12 months.

Swedish citizenship by birth

The following categories of persons receive a Swedish passport by birthright:

  1. Children, regardless of the country of birth, but after April 1, 2015, if one of the parents has Swedish citizenship.

  2. Children born between July 1, 2001 and April 1, 2015 receive citizenship if:

    • the mother has a Swedish passport, in which case the country of birth does not matter;
    • the father has a Swedish passport and the child was born in Sweden. In the case of birth in another country, the parents must be married.
  3. Children under the age of 18 born and living in Sweden if the parents are not established.

Swedish citizenship by application

There is a simplified procedure for young people between the ages of 18 and 21 to obtain a Swedish passport. To apply for a Swedish passport, you must be permanently resident in Sweden at the time of application, i.e. have a permit or residence permit. And also to be on Swedish territory until the age of 13 years or 15 years, in the case of citizenship is not established.

Advantages of Swedish citizenship

  • Free visit to 173 countries around the world.

  • Access to employment and education in any of the countries of the European Union.

  • Dual citizenship is allowed in Sweden.

  • The right to vote in elections and be elected to the Swedish Parliament.

  • Opportunity to hold positions in Swedish public institutions, such as the police or the armed forces.

  • Absolute access to social security, health care, jobs and education in Sweden.

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