Almost every day thousands of people around the world change their place of permanent residence, that is, they move to other states for the purpose of employment, study in a particular university, business, family reunification, and so on. In fact, there are many reasons for immigration.

Some are fleeing from military conflicts and political persecution, some are seeking to improve their financial situation, and some just want to enjoy a long-term stay in a warm, sunny and comfortable place. Hence the question of which country is the best to live in.

If you believe the ratings of some reputable publications, the best cities to live in the world are located in such countries as Germany, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and New Zealand. In terms of GDP per capita, the richest countries in the world are Qatar, Luxembourg and Singapore.

Of course, there is no perfect place for every foreigner. When choosing a destination, you have to rely on your own taste and take into account many objective factors, including life expectancy, medicine, education, climate, environment, prices, infrastructure, labor market, legislation, and so on.

Based on official reports of UN and research of separate agencies, we will define what country it is better to live in for potential immigrants in 2024.




Over the past decade Norway has held a leading position in a variety of rankings describing the best countries to live in the world. This northern state has a huge amount of natural resources, including oil and gas. Norwegian universities provide quality and free higher education, including for foreigners. In addition, the country has an amazingly beautiful nature, excellent medicine, salaries exceed 4.5 thousand euros a month, and the average life expectancy of citizens of Norway reaching 82 years.



The best countries to live are not located only on the European continent. The most striking example is Australia. A very popular place for immigration as a young talented professionals, as well as people of old age. The state has a stunningly diverse fauna and flora, a comfortable climate prevails, allowing you to enjoy clean beaches and engage in water sports. The strong economy contributes to finding a job in Australia with a high level of income, often exceeding $3,000 to $4,000 per month.



Despite the fact that living in Switzerland is very expensive, this country attracts a huge number of foreign entrepreneurs and migrant workers who seek to open a business or find work in Geneva, Zurich and many other cities. Beautiful mountains, clear lakes, high-quality watches and incredibly tasty Swiss chocolate is known all over the world. The state has an ideal infrastructure, high level of medicine and three official languages – German, Italian, French. The average life expectancy in Switzerland is 83 years.



Germany, as the economic and political leader of the Jewish Union, is an excellent place to live and work. Unemployment in the state does not exceed 4-6%, inflation is minimal, the quality of medicine is one of the best in the world, public transportation runs like clockwork, higher education in most cases is free. Moreover, in Germany there is an active cultural and sports life. For example, soccer stadiums are filled to capacity and all kinds of festivals, exhibitions and concerts are held in many cities.



At the end of the rating of the best countries to live in 2024 another representative of Scandinavia – the Kingdom of Denmark. The country has beautiful architecture, modern market economy, high social standards, quality health care system and low crime rate. Salaries in Denmark before taxes average more than 5 thousand euros a month. The employees of Danish companies are mostly satisfied with their working conditions and in general the citizens of Denmark are considered to be one of the happiest people in the world.

Today our planet has about 196 independent states that are located on different continents and differ not only in the level of economic development, but also in cultural, religious, climatic and many other indicators. Therefore, which country is better to go to live in a particular person will not tell any rating. Consider the information above, analyze the information and make your own decision.

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