The choice of a country to start and successfully run a business or make an investment depends on many factors. First of all, a foreigner should pay attention to immigration laws and requirements for entrepreneurs from abroad, taxation system, freedom of trade, level of corruption and bureaucracy, quality of infrastructure, political stability and security, development of technology and innovation, state of the labor market and qualification of the labor force.

It is equally important that the particular state in which one is going to do business suits one's climate, the mentality of local residents and other social indicators. To understand each aspect on their own is very difficult. Therefore, at the initial stage it is worth familiarizing yourself with the ratings of the best countries for business published by reputable international organizations and publications. First of all, the World Bank and Forbes.

Taking into account the actual data of the above institutions, let's highlight the best countries for business in 2024.

Note. Specialists Forbes analyzed 15 criteria affecting the conduct of business in 161 countries over the past 13 years.


1. United Kingdom
2. Sweden
3. Hong Kong
4. Netherlands
5. New Zealand
6. Canada
7. Denmark
8. Singapore
9. Australia
10. Switzerland




The best country for business in the world is Great Britain. Despite Brexit, that is the Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union, the investment appeal of the British economy is only strengthening. In terms of the ease of starting a business in the Doing Business agency's report out of 190 countries, the UK ranks 8th in the world and 3rd in Europe. Unemployment in the state is at 4–5% and inflation is around 4%.



The first representative of Scandinavia in the top 10 countries for business is Sweden. The state is ranked #10 in the Doing Business report. The most promising area for investment is information technology and innovation. Stockholm is considered one of the world leaders in launching startup companies. The country has an open economy, transparent laws and a very professional workforce.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong is China's most economically developed autonomous region, home to thousands of major international companies and an excellent investment environment. It is ranked No. 3 in the Doing Business report. It is the most important financial and logistics center not only in Asia, but also in the world. Free economy, an effective tax system, investor protection and many other positive aspects make Hong Kong one of the best places to do business.



The Netherlands has the sixth economy in the European Union, which shows steady growth every year. The comfortable geographical location and excellent infrastructure allow Dutch businessmen to actively trade with the most developed countries in the world. Despite the fact that in the ranking Doing Business the Netherlands takes only 42nd place, foreigners invest heavily in local companies, both in industry and agriculture.


New Zealand

According to the World Bank, New Zealand is the most attractive country for doing business. This colorful nation is ranked No. 1 in the Doing Business report. Business immigration to New Zealand can be accomplished through special programs for foreign entrepreneurs. The main requirements relate to a substantial amount of investment and business experience. Corruption and administrative pressure from the government is minimized in New Zealand.



Doing Business ranked Canada 23rd. The country has a strong economy and abundant natural resources. About 75% of Canada's exports come from the United States, on which trade largely determines the welfare of the nation as a whole. Similar to New Zealand, moving to and doing business in Canada is possible through effective immigration programs designed for overseas entrepreneurs. For example, the Start-up Visa or Self-employed people.



The second representative of Scandinavia in the list of the best countries for business is Denmark. In the Doing Business ranking the state deservedly got the 4th place, and in Europe the 1st. A small northern country with a population of about 5.8 million people is considered an ideal place not only for business but also for life. High social standards, a developed economy and clear laws make Denmark one of the happiest countries in the world.



In the ranking of Doing Business Singapore is in 2nd place after New Zealand. It has very favorable investment climate, low tax rates, perfect infrastructure and developed economy. Especially prominent are the areas of finance, information technology and the tourism industry. According to many studies – it is the most expensive city in the world. Nevertheless, the "Asian tiger" attracts not only thousands of businessmen, but also ordinary migrant workers, striving to find jobs in Singapore.



For many years, Australia has shown steady economic growth. Trade and a well-developed research, development and innovation sector are the main drivers of progress. The country ranks 14th in Doing Business. One of the main incentives for doing business in Australia is an effective tax system and a wide range of areas for investment – from agriculture, to information technology.



Many entrepreneurs from around the world dream of opening a business in Switzerland, which is beautiful, prosperous, quiet and one of the richest countries in the world. In the report Doing Business, the state took 36th place. The country has a very high standard of living, a transparent legal system and a thriving economy. Competent government actions provide the stability of the local currency and reliably protect the financial system of Switzerland.

In conclusion, we note that in the Forbes ranking of the 161 best countries to do business in the bottom positions were the Central African Republic, Congo and Guinea-Bissau. The owners of the world's largest economies, the U.S. and China are in 17th and 49th place, respectively.

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