France is one of the most beautiful, economically developed and comfortable countries for immigration and residence in Europe and around the world. The annual flow of tourists is approaching 90 million people, making France the most visited country on the planet. It has a favorable climate, many cultural and historical values, places for active and passive recreation.

Tens and hundreds of thousands of foreigners dream not only to visit the beautiful French cities and enjoy the luxurious resorts, but also tend to move to this country permanently, that is to stay in France. This is a great place to study, find employment and even start your own French business. Next, let's highlight the ranking of the five best cities to live in France in 2024.


1. Nantes
2. Lyon
3. Rennes
4. Bordeaux
5. Toulouse

Important. Rating of the best cities to live in France is based on surveys of immigrants and French citizens, taking into account mainly such criteria as climate, transport system, ecology (air quality), availability of housing and labor market.




The best city to live in France in 2024 is Nantes. The settlement, which is home to about 283 thousand people, is located on the Loire River in the region of Haute-Brittany in the west of the country. It is a cozy and compact city with more than 100 parks, gardens and squares. It has a convenient public transport system with the largest streetcar network in France and a good environment, as evidenced by the award granted to the city of Nantes in 2013 – European Green Award Capital.

Renting a one-bedroom studio in downtown Nantes costs an average of $445 a month.



The population of Lyon is about 495 thousand people. It is the third largest city in France after Paris and Marseille, located in the southeast of the country in the Rhône lowlands. Many international publications, such as the British Economist, include Lyon in the list of the most attractive cities to live in Europe. The main advantages are a comfortable geographical location, warm long summer (May to October) and mild winter, a rich culture with dozens of theaters, concert venues and museums.

Renting a one-room studio in downtown Lyon costs an average of $830 a month.



In third place on the list of the best cities to immigrate to France permanently is Rennes, the administrative center of the Brittany region in the west of the state. The population is about 216 thousand people. It is a great place for a quiet life and employment in France. The city has comfortable climate and favorable environment, quality education and health care, affordable real estate prices and low crime rate.

Renting a one-room studio in downtown Rennes costs an average of $555 per month.



Bordeaux is a very beautiful city located in southwestern France with a population of about 241,000. It is considered the best destination for family immigration and an ideal place to live for the elderly. Bordeaux has excellent conditions for recreation, excellent infrastructure and stunning architecture, developed wine and culinary culture, held fantastic entertainment and sport events throughout the year.

Renting a one-bedroom studio in downtown Bordeaux costs an average of $555 per month.



Rounding out the top 5 best cities to live in France is Toulouse. The fourth by number of inhabitants after Paris, Marseille and Lyon, which has about 482 thousand people. The city is located in the south of France on the banks of the Garonne River between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It is a very dynamic metropolis with a pleasant warm climate and a developed economy. Toulouse is a great place for quality living in France.

Renting a studio in the center of Toulouse costs an average of $660 per month.

In addition to the undeniable advantages of living in France, a potential immigrant should consider that it is one of the most expensive countries in the world with high prices for real estate and many household goods and services. This is especially true of the capital. For a successful adaptation it is necessary to learn French and get used to the mentality of local citizens. Nevertheless, moving to the best cities in France has a lot more pros than cons.

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