Egypt is located in North-East Africa and partly in the Middle East. It is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean and Red Seas. It is a very beautiful country with an ancient culture and great history. Today many foreigners not only spend their holidays in luxurious Egyptian hotels, but also see this state as a place for labor migration. Fortunately, the political, social and economic situation for finding a job in Egypt is quite favorable.

Salary in Egypt

The population of Egypt in 2024 is about 114,2 million people. At the same time, more than 28 million is the real labour force. Foreigners can find work in trade, tourism and entertainment. Unfortunately, the income of local workers is very low compared to developed European or Asian countries. Even qualified specialists receive on average $500 per month. Next, let's find out what salaries are in Egypt in 2024.

Minimum salary in Egypt

In March 2019, Egyptian President Abdul-Fattah Khalil Al-Sisi announced an increase in Egypt's minimum wage from June 30, 2019, to 2,000 pounds per month. The new rate applied to all Egyptian workers. The minimum wage increase cost the state 30.5 billion pounds.

Until 2019, the minimum wage rate in Egypt had not changed for 5 years (since 2014) and was 1,200 pounds. At the same time, Egyptian workers received a minimum of 700 pounds in 2012, and only 35 pounds in 2009.

Egypt's official minimum wage in 2024 is 6,000 Egyptian pounds a month, the equivalent of 125 U.S. dollars. Civil servants will receive a raise of 7%, or a minimum of 75 pounds, as well as a bonus of 150 pounds to compensate for inflation. Those who don't work in public service will get 10% and also at least 75 pounds. In addition, national pensions rise by an average of 15%.

Average salary in Egypt

According to local personnel agencies and statistical agencies, the average salary in Egypt in 2024 is 10,000-12,000 Egyptian pounds per month, which is equivalent to 210-250 U.S. dollars. At the same time, the median salary is estimated at 15,700 pounds. That is, half of the population (50%) gets less than this amount, while the other half is more.

Compared to last year, average wages in Egypt have increased by 2%. The positive trend will continue in the future. The largest monthly income (median) is offered by such cities as Cairo (16,900 pounds), Alexandria (15,800 pounds) and Sharm el-Sheikh (15,200 pounds). Further, we will allocate the average salary in Egypt in 2024 by sectors of economy and separate trades.

The rate of income tax in Egypt varies from 0 to 22.5%. On average, after paying taxes Egyptians receive about 3,100 pounds per month ($100).


Sector of economy Pounds per month U.S. Dollars per month
Oil and gas 18,610 1,180
Health care 17,000 1,080
Management 15,755 1,000
Teaching 12,950 820
Manufacturing 11,000 700
Engineering 10,580 670
Construction 10,000 635
Telecommunications 8,625 550
Marketing 8,320 530
Information Technology 7,540 480
Advertising, graphic design 7,450 475
Wholesale and retail trade 7,010 445
Government and Defence 7,000 445
Business Planning 6,600 420
Quality Control 6,130 390
Banking 5,750 365
Architecture 5,500 350
Accounting and finance 5,470 345
Consulting 5,000 320
Jurisprudence 4,900 310
Administrative services 4,600 290
Public relations 3,000 190
Courier delivery 1,940 125
Cleaning services 1,500 95

The rate of income tax in Egypt varies from 0 to 25%. On average, after paying taxes Egyptians receive about 7.1 thousand pounds per month ($150).

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