Georgia is a small but very beautiful state with an ancient history and rich cultural heritage, located in the western part of Transcaucasia on the eastern coast of the Black Sea. It borders on Russia in the east and north, Armenia and Turkey in the south and Azerbaijan in the south-east.

Salary in Georgia

A large number of foreigners come to Georgia for tourism purposes, and some are considering employment or starting their own business to stay in this interesting country forever. First of all, applicants are going to the capital, Tbilisi. Let's find out what salaries in Georgia in 2022.

Minimum salary in Georgia

According to the local government, the official minimum wage in Georgia in 2022 is 20 Georgian lari ($7) per month for private sector employees and 350 Georgian lari ($115) per month for civil servants. At the same time, the food basket and retirement pension in the country is 180 GEL per month ($60).

Minimum wage of 20 GEL is the lowest not only for Europe, but also for the whole post-Soviet space. The rate has not changed for 20 years. Currently, the Georgian authorities continue to debate whether it is advisable to raise the minimum wage in the country.

Opponents of raising the minimum wage in Georgia argue that it will increase costs for employers and may provoke an increase in unemployment and "undermine" business attractiveness. In the well-known Doing Business rating Georgia ranks 7th, ahead of such countries as the UK, Norway and Sweden.

Average salary in Georgia

According to the official data of the Georgian National Statistical Office (Geostat), the average salary in Georgia in 2022 is 1,463.8 GEL per month, which is equivalent to $480. Man receive about 1,767.9 GEL ($575) and women 1,153.6 GEL ($375).

The highest salaries in Georgia are recorded in the capital Tbilisi (1,394.4 GEL), the administrative regions Mtskheta-Mtianeti (1,044.5 GEL) and Kvemo-Kartli (998.4 GEL), as well as the Autonomous Republic of Adjara (945.8 GEL). The lowest income is provided by the administrative region in the north of the country - Racha-Lechkhumi and Lower Svaneti. A total of 605.7 GEL per month.

The salaries of doctors in Georgia, such as optic surgeons, average 4,000-5,000 GEL ($1,305-$1,635) and higher. Top-level officials receive up to 7,000-8,000 GEL per month ($2,285-2,610). Georgian authorities assure that in a few years the average salary of teachers in Georgia will be 1,800 GEL per month ($590), and teachers of the highest category will rise to 2,000 ($655).


Sector of economy GEL per month USD per month
Financial and insurance 2,431.6 795
Information and communication 2,270.2 740
Construction 2,209.5 720
Professional, scientific and technical activities 2,133.4 695
Mining 1,896.6 620
Transportation and storage 1,822.2 595
Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply 1,763.1 575
Manufacturing 1,475.3 480
Wholesale and retail trade 1,465 480
Human health and social work 1,414.7 460
Public administration and defence 1,356.5 445
Arts, entertainment and recreation 1,356 445
Real estate operations 1,322.3 430
Fishing, agriculture and forestry 1,137.6 370
Accommodation and food 1100,7 360
Administrative and support services 1,063 345
Water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation 1042 340
Education 915.9 300
Others 1003.9 330

*Note. Information on average salaries in Georgia by sector of economy is based on actual official data of Geostat.

Income tax in Georgia in 2022 is 20%. At the same time, residents whose income does not have Georgian source, as well as individuals with annual turnover less than 30,000 GEL, who do not have hired employees and are registered as microbusinesses are exempt from tax.

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