Hungary is located in the central part of Europe, is landlocked and borders with seven states – Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. Its population is about 9.6 million people. Hungary has been a member of the European Union for 17 years (since 2004), but is not the most successful country of this association, including in terms of salaries.

Salary in Hungary

Nevertheless, Hungary has a stable political and socio-economic situation, large international companies operate here and foreigners have good chances to find highly paid jobs. Third-country applicants should consider that Hungarians and EU citizens have the priority right to employment. Let's find out what salaries in Hungary in 2021.

Minimum salary in Hungary

According to the Hungarian government, the official minimum wage in Hungary in 2021 is 167,400 Forints ($555) per month for unskilled workers (base rate) and 219,000 Forints ($725) per month for skilled workers. Compared to last year, the minimum wage in Hungary increased by 6,400 Forints or 4% – from 161,000 HUF to 167,400 HUF.

The basic minimum wage in Hungary:

  • 167,400 HUF per month

  • 38,490 HUF per week

  • 7,700 HUF per day

  • 963 HUF per hour

Guaranteed minimum wage in Hungary*:

  • 219,000 HUF per month

  • 50,350 HUF per week

  • 10,070 HUF per day

  • 1,259 HUF per hour

*Note. The guaranteed minimum wage in Hungary is paid to workers who have at least a school certificate or diploma of vocational secondary education.

Over the last 5 years the minimum wage in Hungary has risen to 56,400 HUF, which means that in 2016 Hungarians received at least 111,000 HUF per month.

Average salary in Hungary

According to the official data of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, the average salary in Hungary in 2021 is 411,000 Forints per month, which is equivalent to 1,360 US dollars at the current exchange rate. After payment of taxes, 273,300 Forints (905$) remains at the disposal of Hungarian workers. Compared to the same period last year (January-December), the average salary in Hungary has increased by 9.5%.


  • Business sector – 423,800 (gross)/281,800 (net)

  • Budgetary institutions – 386,800 (gross)/257,200 (net)

  • Non-profit institutions – 362,900 (gross)/241,300 (net)

The highest income in Hungary is recorded in financial and insurance activities (714,910 HUF) and the lowest in accommodation and food service (247,451 HUF). The average gross earnings of full-time Hungarians were 447,200 HUF for men and 375,500 HUF for women. The income of full-time employees under 20 years of age reached 236,738 HUF, between the ages of 30 and 39 432,233 HUF and for those over 60 years of age 407,700 HUF.


Sector of economy Forint per month Dollars per month
Financial and insurance 714,910 2,365
Information and communication 689,099 2,280
Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply 602,354 1,995
Professional, scientific and technical activities 578,488 1,915
Public administration and defence 457,176 1,515
Manufacturing 430,033 1,425
Arts, entertainment and recreation 412,007 1,365
Mining and quarrying 400,473 1,325
Wholesale and retail trade 385,734 1,275
Transportation and storage 383,780 1,270
Education 378,499 1,255
Water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation 364,662 1,210
Real estate operations 355,379 1,175
Administrative and support services 341,455 1,130
Human health and social work 323,923 1,070
Construction 316,846 1,050
Fishing, agriculture and forestry 305,542 1,010
Accommodation and food service 247,451 820
Other services 301,395 1,000

Hungary's unemployment rate does not exceed 3-5% and the income tax rate in 2021 is 15%, one of the lowest in the European Union.

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