Kazakhstan is an interesting country with a rich history and culture located in Central Asia. It is the largest state in the region and the ninth largest in the world. It borders Russia to the north and west, China to the east, and Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan to the south. The population of Kazakhstan in 2023 is about 19.4 million people.

Salary in Kazakhstan

Mainly due to its vast natural resources, Kazakhstan's economy is the largest in Central Asia. Huge reserves of hydrocarbons and minerals, including oil, uranium, copper and zinc, allow local authorities to maintain an acceptable standard of living. Despite this, the incomes of Kazakhstanis are significantly lower than in developed European and Asian countries.

Next, find out what is the minimum and average salary in Kazakhstan in 2023, designate the remuneration of labor by regions and sectors of the economy.

Minimum salary in Kazakhstan

According to official data from the local government, the minimum wage in Kazakhstan in 2023 is 70,000 Kazakhstani tenge per month, which at the current exchange rate corresponds to 155 U.S. dollars. Compared to last year, the minimum wage has increased by 10,000 tenge or 20 dollars. The previous increase in the minimum wage in Kazakhstan was recorded in 2019 – from 28,284 tenge, to 42,500.

For 2022, the minimum income of Kazakhstanis increased by 14.3%, and for 2021 this figure amounted to 41%, which is the highest among all CIS countries. For comparison, the minimum wage in Russia for the period increased by only 8.6%, in Belarus by 14.3% and in Azerbaijan by 16.3%. In 2012, the minimum wage in Kazakhstan was equal to 17,439 tenge per month. That is, over the past 11 years, local workers have received a minimum of 52,561 tenge more.

Average salary in Kazakhstan

According to the current data of the Kazakh National Bureau of Statistics, the average salary in Kazakhstan in 2023 is 338,715 tenge per month, which corresponds to 745 dollars. Compared to last year, a 22.9% increase was recorded. The median wage in Kazakhstan increased by 11.9% and amounted to 204,168 tenge.

The labor force of Kazakhstan has 9 million people. The largest number of people are employed in wholesale and retail trade, and the least number of jobs are concentrated in the arts, entertainment and recreation. Among the regions, the leaders in the number of vacancies are: Almaty – 10,328 places, Astana – 7,261 places, as well as Pavlodar region – 4,379 places and Kostanay region – 3,773 places.

The highest average salaries in Kazakhstan are provided by employers in Atyrau region – 556,015 tenge per month, and the lowest incomes are observed in Turkestan region – 240,720.

Among the sectors of the economy in terms of earnings the leading sector is mining and quarrying, where on average they receive 728,241 tenge per month. The industry of art, entertainment and recreation earns only 206,502 tenge per month.


Region/city Tenge per month
Atyrau 556,015
Mangistau 509,032
Astana 469,300
Almaty 394,213
East Kazakhstan 323,726
Karaganda 317,758
Pavlodar 308,459
Aktobe 302,824
West Kazakhstan 300,819
Kostanay 281,827
Akmola 274,603
Almaty 271,503
Kyzylorda 269,987
Shymkent 250,340
Zhambyl 243,477
North Kazakhstan 241,151
Turkestan 240,720


Sector of economy Tenge per month
Mining and quarrying 728,241
Financial and insurance activity 628,164
Professional, scientific and technical activity 534,673
Information and communication 488,259
Manufacturing 474,282
Construction 466,521
Transportation and storage 427,317
Manufacturing industry 396,735
Supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning 326,281
Administrative and support services 324,927
Public administration and defense 323,041
Accommodation and food services 297,370
Wholesale and retail trade 295,194
Health care and social work 263,141
Education 250,014
Real estate operations 228,013
Water supply, sewerage and waste management 213,699
Agriculture, forestry and fishing 207,570
Arts, entertainment and recreation 206,502
Other 249,703

Note. Information on average salaries by regions and sectors of economy is based on the actual data of the National Bureau of Statistics of the Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In conclusion, we note that the income tax rate in Kazakhstan is only 10% and the unemployment rate does not exceed 5%.

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