The Republic of Cyprus is a small island state, located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea near Turkey, Egypt and Syria. It has a population of just over 1.2 million people.

Salary in Cyprus

It is a very beautiful and comfortable country, a popular place among foreign tourists and a popular destination for employment. Let's find out what salaries in Cyprus in 2022.

Minimum salary in Cyprus

There is no national minimum wage for all employees in Cyprus. In April 2012, new rates were set only for certain categories, for example:

  • Secretaries (office workers)

  • Nurse Assistants

  • Sellers

  • Kindergarten teachers

For the above employees, the official minimum wage in Cyprus in 2022 is 870 euros per month, and after 6 months of employment per employer is raised to 924 euros. For security guards and cleaners of commercial premises the minimum hourly wage is 4.55 euros, and after 6 months of employment with the same employer is 4.84 euros.

In addition, for asylum seekers and unskilled workers in the agricultural sector, the rate is 425 euros (plus accommodation and meals). For skilled workers in the agricultural sector, the minimum wage in Cyprus is 767 euros per month (without accommodation and food).

Average salary in Cyprus

According to official data from the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Social Insurance, the average salary in Cyprus in 2022 is 2,341 euros per month. In this case, men receive 2,489 euros and women 2,157. Compared with the same period last year, the salary of Cypriot workers increased by only 82 euros or 3.6%. Men began to earn more by 3.4% and women by 3.8%.

It should be noted that according to official information, the average salary in Cyprus over the past 10 years has not changed much. For example, in 2009, Cypriot workers had a monthly income of 1,805 euros. One of the most highly paid professions in Cyprus is a doctor. According to the local Health Insurance Organization (HIO), the maximum annual salary of general practitioners for adults is estimated at 111,737 euros.


Sector of economy Euro per month
Financial and insurance 3,914
Education 3,663
Supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning 3,261
Public administration and protection 2,995
Transportation and storage 2,938
Health care and social work 2,817
Information and communication 2,778
Professional, scientific and technical activity 2,749
Extraction of mineral resources 2,695
Art, entertainment and leisure 2,328
Real estate operations 2,282
Water supply, sewerage and waste management 2,109
Construction 2,096
Production 1,856
Wholesale and retail trade 1,664
Administrative and support services 1,625
Accommodation and meals 1,309
Other services 2,033

Note. Information on average wages by sector is based on official data from the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Social Insurance of Cyprus.

In conclusion, we note that the unemployment rate in Cyprus is about 6–7%, and the income tax rate in 2022 ranges from 0 (income up to 19,500 euros per year) to 35% (income over 60,000 euros per year).

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