When choosing a country to move to, the thought of immigrating to Australia most often crosses the minds of citizens from all over the world. And this is not surprising. The country has the cleanest air, a unique variety of fauna and flora, rich natural resources, and the standard of living is one of the highest in the world.

According to statistics, about a quarter of Australians are natives of other countries. In 2024, the population of the continent is about 26.6 million people. Among them, an impressive number of all kinds of ethnic groups and representatives of various religions.

How to immigrate to Australia

Go to live in Australia seek foreigners from all over the world. And we must pay tribute to the Australian government, the country has created quite accessible immigration programs, in particular, for skilled professionals.

Australia is working hard to build a flexible and dynamic economy. It actively participates in international organizations and builds trade relations with foreign partners. All this creates additional conditions for the influx of migrants who can contribute to the development of the state. This article will talk about how to emigrate to Australia in 2024. Let's consider the main options.

Programs of immigration to Australia

How to go to Australia? Before answering this question in detail, let's outline the available ways to immigrate to this country.

  • Employment.

  • Business.

  • Education.

  • Family.

  • Refugees.

Now let's look at each of these options for immigration to Australia in more detail.

Professional immigration to Australia

Ideal option for highly skilled professionals, especially young and energetic people who want to start a new life. With the support of the government in Australia operates a special resource SkillSelect.

The essence of the project is to simplify the search for high-level specialists from abroad, based on the workforce needs of a particular region or country as a whole. It is an opportunity for potential migrants to quickly obtain a work visa and move to Australia for permanent residence.

Any foreigner can leave an application on a special website of Australian government. By filling out the necessary forms and providing accurate information about yourself, there is a chance to receive an invitation for employment from local employers or the authorities of the country.

Requirements for the Professional Immigration Program in Australia:

  • Relevance of the profession. In Australia there is a special list of occupations that are in demand (Skilled Occupation List). The list of professions for immigration to Australia in 2023, as well as maximum quotas and real-time occupational fill rate can be seen at Occupation ceilings.

  • Language proficiency. The level of proficiency in English must be confirmed by IELTS or TOEFL certificates.

  • Age. As a rule, to immigrate in this way can foreigners no older than 45-50 years.

  • Education and work experience. Requirements may vary depending on the type of program. Usually verification of qualifications is engaged special organizations. Education obtained in Australia is a great advantage.

  • No criminal record and no dangerous diseases.

For each of these points, the candidate receives a certain number of points. Accordingly, the higher the skills, the greater the chances of success. The minimum number of points for participation in the program 60.

Main professional immigration programs to Australia

  1. Independent Work Visa (189). The program enables you to work and study in Australia, obtain a permanent residency, relocate your family, and later apply for citizenship.

  2. Nominal Work Visa (190). The program provides the same benefits as the previous one. The difference is that you must obtain an invitation from one of Australia's regions.

  3. Regional (temporary) work visa (489). The main difference of this program is in temporary employment in Australia for up to 4 years in a particular region of the country.

These were the most popular options for moving to Australia through employment. There are other professional programs, which cannot be described in one article.

Business Immigration to Australia

For people with certain skills, entrepreneurial experience and sufficient knowledge of English, it is possible to immigrate to Australia through special business programs. Most of them will not instantly get permanent residency, as in the case of professional migration.

Initially, a foreigner is granted a temporary visa for 4 years, and if during this period, the business proves successful you can apply for permanent residency. Through the development of regional business programs, the Australian government intends to increase business activity in different parts of the country, including in less developed areas.

Who can count on business immigration to Australia?

  • Business owner.

  • A senior executive in a large company.

  • Investor.

Especially worth highlighting the category of so-called talented entrepreneurs. Outstanding businessmen with serious experience and a large capital can take part in the program Business-Talent and get a visa to Australia, allowing to issue a permanent residence permit without a probationary period.

The basic requirements for aliens for business immigration to Australia are individual for each program. Like skilled workers, there is also a points system, sponsorship and different visa categories. We can only summarize the skills that will improve a candidate's chances of participating in the program:

  • English language proficiency. Not always required, but preferred.

  • Business management experience. Usually requires a business experience of about 3-5 years.

  • Candidate's age. Preferably up to 55 years old, sometimes there are no restrictions.

  • Size of assets. Absolutely different requirements. But we are talking about hundreds of thousands of Australian dollars.

For more information on business programs in Australia, go to the official website of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of this country at

Immigration to Australia through education

Education as a way to go to Australia is quite often used by young people from different countries. And though one of conditions of reception of the student visa is readiness of the foreigner to leave the continent after the termination of study, in practice with the Australian diploma it is much easier to take part in one of professional programs and to receive the status of the permanent resident in Australia.

Especially for foreigners in the country there is a whole list of student visas. For example, visa for higher education (573), for admission to a master's or doctoral studies (574), and for intensive English language studies (570).

Australia has special agreements with many countries of the world in the field of education, which greatly simplifies the visa registration procedure. Each university can put forward its own conditions for admission, but the general rules are as follows.

The main requirements for foreigners to study in Australia:

  1. Knowledge of English language confirmed by the certificate.

  2. The certificate of complete secondary education, the equivalent of the Australian (12 years).

  3. Money, which covers the cost of training and daily life in Australia.

  4. Absence of serious health problems and special health insurance (OSHC).

It is worth noting that education in Australia pays. The amount is less than in the UK or the U.S., but will have to pay at least 10 thousand euros per year, plus living expenses.

Family immigration to Australia

Having family ties or marital relationship with residents of Australia allows you to get one of the family visas. Typically, the sponsorship procedure is used, which guarantees financial support for new immigrants after arriving in the country.

Who can get a family visa to Australia?

  • The spouse of an Australian resident. The condition is that they have been married for at least 1 year.

  • The bride/fiancé of an Australian resident. The visa is issued to persons who are outside of Australia. Within 9 months after relocation it is necessary to arrange marriage.

  • Partnership. Issued to foreigners who are in a close relationship with a resident of Australia for at least 12 months.

  • Parents. The visa is available to persons who have children permanently residing in Australia.

  • Children. Persons of school age have the opportunity to visit the mainland for up to 12 months, if a resident of Australia among relatives or close friends of the family.

Usually family visa allows you to make the status of permanent resident of Australia after two years of residence in the country.

Immigration to Australia as a refugee

Australia is an active participant in international refugee protection organizations, including those from Syria and Iraq. In case of serious persecution in his country or significant violations of human rights, a foreigner has the right to seek refugee status in Australia or use a special humanitarian program (SHP).

However, it should be taken into account that due to the migration crisis, the number of such applications in 2015-2022 significantly exceeds the limits of visas issued.

Summarizing the above-mentioned ways to immigrate to Australia, we can conclude that for enterprising and educated foreigners, the government of the country has created all conditions to simplify the procedure of moving to Australia and obtaining permanent resident status.

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