Australia is a country in the Southern Hemisphere, located on the continent of the same name, as well as occupying the island of Tasmania and several other islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The state with strong economy, rich natural resources, comfortable climate and a lot of places for active recreation.

The population of Australia is 25.9 million people. Slightly more than a quarter of the locals were born outside the country. The most numerous ethnic groups are British, New Zealanders, Chinese, Indians and Filipinos. Unemployment in the country is around 5%. Let's find out what salaries in Australia in 2020.

Salary in Australia

Minimum salary in Australia

Each year, a panel of experts from the Fair Work Commission of Australia (FWC) reviews the minimum wage received by employees in the national labor system. As a result, a minimum wage regulation is adopted, which takes effect on July 1 of this year.

According to the local government's official figures, the pre-tax national minimum wage in Australia in 2020 (effective July 1) is A$19.84 per hour or A$753.80 per week (38 hours), equivalent to $14.1 and $536, respectively.

Important. In manufacturing, construction and a number of other sectors of the Australian economy, the new minimum wage rate did not take effect until November 1, and in accommodation and food services, arts and recreation, aviation, retail and tourism from February 1, 2021.

Minimum wage in Australia for young professionals

Age Hourly rate (A$) Percentage (%)
Less than 16 years old 7.30 36.8
16 9.38 47.3
17 11.47 57.8
18 13.55 68.3
19 16.37 82.5
20 19.38 97.87

Minimum salary in Australia for local university students

Year of study Hourly rate (A$) Percentage (%)
First 10.91 55
Second 12.90 65
Third 15.87 80
Fourth 18.84 95

Compared to last year, Australia's minimum wage has increased by 1.75%, from A$19.49, to A$19.84. Over the past five years, Australian workers have been paid $96.9 more.

Average salary in Australia

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the pre-tax average salary in Australia in 2020 is A$1,713.90 per week, the equivalent of $1,220. This is the weekly earnings of full-time employed adults. Compared to last year, Australians are up 4.8 percent. The average weekly total earnings for all workers is A$1,304.7 ($930).

Note. The average wage in Australia in 2020 is A$7,426.9 per month ($5,280.6).

Men in Australia earn on average A$1,812 per week and women A$1,558.4. In the public sector of economy incomes of Australians are about 1,848.4 A$, and in private – 1 673,6 A$. The average weekly earnings of full-time adult men is A$1,958.30 in the public sector and A$1,780.70 in the private sector. The average weekly earnings of full-time adult women in the public sector is A$1,751.30 and in the private sector is A$1,469.10.


Sector of Economy Australian Dollars per week Dollars per week
Mining and quarrying 2,697.50 1,920
Information technology, media, and telecommunications 2,033.40 1,445
Financial and insurance services 2,015.80 1,435
Professional, scientific and technical services 1,965.70 1,400
Electricity, gas, water and waste management 1,907.70 1,355
Education and training 1,825.70 1,300
Public administration and security 1,801.90 1,280
Construction 1,683 1,195
Transportation, postal and warehousing 1,662.10 1,180
Health care and social assistance 1,624.60 1,155
Wholesale trade 1,591.50 1,130
Leasing, rental and real estate services 1,561.30 1,110
Administrative and support services 1,537.90 1,095
Arts and recreation services 1,523.80 1,085
Manufacturing 1,526.80 1,085
Retail trade 1,259.80 1,085
Accommodation and catering 1,139.30 810
Other services 1,339.30 810

Workers in the mining industry in Australia have the highest average income at A$2,697.50. The industry with the lowest earnings is accommodation and food services, where they earn about A$1,139.30. The Australian metropolitan area makes an average of A$1,861.40, while the state of Tasmania makes only A$1,488.1.


Region Australian dollars per week Dollars per week
Australian Capital Territory 1,861.40 1,325
Western Australia 1,840.80 1,310
New South Wales 1,748.90 1,245
Victoria 1,709 1,215
Northern Territory 1,701.60 1,210
Queensland 1,645.40 1,170
South Australia 1,522.90 1,085
Tasmania 1,488.10 1,060

Note. Information on average wages in Australia by sector of economy and region is based on official data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics as of May 2020.

In conclusion, Australia's income tax rate on wages ranges from 0% (income up to A$18,200 per year) to 45% (income over A$180,000 per year).

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