The Republic of Albania is a small state located in the southeastern part of Europe and in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula, washed by the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. It was only in the early 1990s that the country got rid of communist rule and embraced democracy.

In 2009, Albania joined NATO, and since 2014 it has officially applied for membership in the European Union. Despite the desire to build an open market economy, the state is experiencing great difficulties, primarily related to high levels of unemployment, corruption, crime, and imperfect infrastructure.

Work in Albania

The economic development of Albania is very slow and requires the support of international financial institutions. Today this essentially agrarian country is considered one of the poorest in Europe, which greatly limits the opportunities for migrant workers. Finding a vacancy on the Albanian territory is quite difficult, but still possible.

For example, work in Albania for foreigners in 2024 is available in tourism, information technology and construction. In recent years, the government is actively introducing new tax and legislative reforms, which improves business activity in the country and attracts foreign investment.

Features of employment in Albania

The population of Albania in 2024 is just below 2.9 million people, the labor force is about 1.1 million. The level of unemployment in the country reaches 10-12%, and among young people the figure is in the region of 22%. Many Albanians leave to earn money in more prosperous neighboring countries, in particular they work in Italy and Greece. To some extent remittances from abroad stimulate the development of local economy and free working places are created in the labor market, which can be claimed by foreigners.

More than half of Albania's population is Muslim. The official language in the country is Albanian. In contrast to many other European countries the knowledge of English will not be so great advantage for the successful search of vacancies in Albania. The only exceptions would be jobs in international companies or in some areas of tourism industry. Albania has a mild temperate climate, beautiful nature and low prices for accommodation and food.

Work Permit in Albania

Work Permit in Albania

To be officially employed in Albania, foreign nationals must obtain a work permit. The document is issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the country. Exemption from this requirement is accepted individually and is very rare in practice. In order to stay in Albania for a long term in order to carry out a professional activity, a residence permit must be obtained from the local police department.

The main task is to find a vacancy in an Albanian company and to conclude an employment contract. Only after that in cooperation with the Albanian diplomatic office in the country and the employer a foreigner gets the documents for moving and working legally as prescribed by the local legislation. Initially work permit in Albania is issued for one year with the right of extension.

How to find a job in Albania. Job search.

Jobs in Albania for foreigners are connected with the needs of the local labor market for specific specialists. Every vacancy is preliminary published in the open information sources. You can get a job only if there are no applicants among Albanians for a month.

Taking into consideration these norms and lack of open vacancies, a foreigner should have high level of qualification, experience and professional skills to be able to find a job in Albania. It is also important to have a good command of English or Albanian, depending on the type of employment. Work in Albania without knowledge of the language is almost inaccessible.

How to find a job in Albania

Visit Albania as a tourist and try to find an employer. Look around, talk to locals, and soberly assess not only the chances of employment, but also the comfort of living in the country. Write a good resume and cover letter. Contact international companies operating in Albania through official websites. Join a professional social network,

Visit thematic forums and groups in social networks. Try to make business connections or at least find experienced migrant workers with experience in Albania. Ask questions and analyze information. Most jobs for foreigners are concentrated in Albania's capital city of Tirana and the larger cities of Durres, Vlora, and Berat. Actively search for jobs on specialized sites on the Internet.

Popular sites for job searching in Albania

Browse ads in Albanian newspapers such as Shqip and Zëri i Popullit. If you cannot find a job in Albania without intermediaries, contact an international recruitment agency.

Jobs and wages in Albania

Jobs and wages in Albania

Albania is currently considered a developing country with an economy largely dominated by the agricultural sector. About 41.8% of the population works in agriculture, 11.4% in industry and 46.8% in services. The country grows tobacco, corn, wheat and some other crops, but in general seasonal work in Albania for foreigners in agriculture is very limited.

More promising directions, where you can find vacancies in Albania in 2024, are considered to be international corporations, which mostly need technical specialists, particularly programmers. Educational institutions and private schools are in demand for teachers of English. Another popular industry for employment is tourism. The country has many resort areas and well-equipped places for outdoor activities.

According to official data from the Albanian Institute of Statistics, the average salary in Albania in 2024 before taxes is 75 thousand Albanian Lek per month, the equivalent of 740 euros. The official minimum wage is equal to 40 thousand lek or 395 euros. Higher incomes for foreigners are offered in international companies or large investment projects. There are vacancies in the field of transport infrastructure and energy, for example, engineers are needed to work in the oil and gas industry. In Albania you can earn 500-1,000 euro or more per month for such positions.


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