Brazil has the seventh largest economy in the world. In particular, it is the leader in the production of coffee and oranges, has vast reserves of oil and iron ore. The country is rich in natural resources, developed agriculture and industry. Brazil's population in 2024 is about 217.1 million, with a fairly high unemployment rate of 7–8%. Nevertheless, in recent years, labor migration to Brazil has been steadily increasing.

Jobs in Brazil for foreigners in 2024 are available primarily in skilled labor. For example, the specialists of the petrochemical industry can go to Rio de Janeiro, the employees of the financial and banking sector in Sao Paulo. In general, jobs in Brazil may find certified engineers, construction workers and holders of professions in the field of IT. The country is experiencing a definite staffing shortage in these areas.

Work in Brazil

However, competition for jobs in Brazil is constantly growing. Average salaries are lower compared to developed European countries, and there is significant income inequality among different segments of the population. Other problems include high levels of corruption and crime, bureaucracy, and poor infrastructure.

In this article, we will talk about the peculiarities of labor migration to Brazil in 2024, job search options, current vacancies and salaries.

Features of employment in Brazil

The first thing a potential immigrant worker needs to consider when looking for a job in Brazil is the difficulty of finding a job in unskilled labor. Such applicants abound among Brazilians, as well as among citizens of all Latin America. Next, special attention should be paid to language skills. The official language in Brazil is Portuguese. In some companies, especially international, a good command of English is sufficient.

To move to Brazil for employment, a foreigner will need to draw up three basic documents:

  • Employment contract with a Brazilian employer

  • Work permit (Autorização de Trabalho)

  • Work visa (Vista)

With the first item should be more or less clear, that is, even before his arrival in Brazil, you need to find a company that agrees to employ a foreigner and will act as a so-called sponsor. The high level of Brazilian bureaucracy makes this process very difficult. We will talk about how to find a job in Brazil a little later. Let's say a job has been found.

Then comes the procedure for applying for a work permit. The Brazilian Ministry of Labor and Employment (Ministério do Trabalho e Emprego) is in charge of this matter. An application for the recruitment of a foreign applicant and the issuance of a work permit is sent by the employer. Obligatory conditions for the company are compliance with labor and tax laws, as well as the absence of candidates for the vacancy among local residents.

Job search in Brazil

In turn, the foreign applicant must have serious competitive advantages, including education, qualifications and experience. If the application is approved, it is published in the local official gazette (Diario Oficial) and transmitted to the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At this point, the process of applying for a work visa begins.

Main types of work visas to Brazil

Permanent visa. Issued to managers and senior employees of branches of foreign companies in Brazil. Period of validity up to 5 years. At the same time employee's salary must be comparable to salaries paid by the company in the country of primary residence, and the amount invested in the local economy shall be not less than 200 thousand dollars.

Permanent investor visa. The visa is issued to foreigners who are ready to invest in the Brazilian company not less than 150 thousand dollars.

Temporary visa. There are several types of temporary visas to Brazil. For example, visa V (with attachment to the company) or visa III (without attachment to the company). In each case, the maximum period of validity of the document is 2 years, with the right of extension for the same period. To obtain a visa a foreigner must possess a set of skills, experience and qualifications unique to Brazil. After a period of 4 years it is allowed to apply for a permanent visa.

Search for a job in Brazil without intermediaries

The Brazilian labor market is very competitive and specific. In addition to mandatory components, that is, language skills and scarce qualifications, foreign applicants will need to stock up a fair amount of patience and even skill. A large number of vacancies in Brazil are not in the public domain and are passed, as they say, by word of mouth between local residents. In addition, the Brazilian authorities are interested in ensuring maximum employment primarily for their citizens.

The most affordable way to find jobs in Brazil in 2024 is to apply directly to one of the big international (Ford Motor Company, Microsoft) or Brazilian companies. For example, Petrobras, Ultrapar Participacoes, Vale or Banco Bradesco. You may have to visit Brazil as a tourist; it is much easier to reach an employer there.

Actively use social networks and communicate on forums with experienced migrants. The services of recruitment agencies use with extreme caution, crooks abound in the country. Consider the main options for finding a job in Brazil without intermediaries.

Popular Brazilian job search sites

International resources for jobs in Brazil

Brazilian newspaper

Gazeta Online

A Tribuna

Jobs and wages in Brazil

Jobs in Brazil for foreigners are represented only in the private sector. At various public positions, where the pay is very high (about 5 thousand dollars a month), can apply only Brazilians. For example, these are judges, prosecutors and officials at various levels.

Jobs and wages in Brazil

The most popular jobs in Brazil for foreigners in 2024:

  • Financiers

  • Bankers

  • IT-specialists

  • Builders Engineers

  • Oil and gas workers

  • Space and nanotechnology researchers

Wages in Brazil are very diverse. This issue should be taken seriously, since even workers with the same qualifications can receive excellent earnings, depending on the region and company. Professionals in finance and company managers earn the most, up to $7,000 per month. Unskilled personnel, such as drivers, waiters, movers are paid a few hundred dollars a month.

The average wage in Brazil in 2024 is R$3,110 per month (around $600), an increase of R$275 over the previous year. The official minimum wage in Brazil in 2024 is R$1,412 per month (about $255). Mostly foreigners occupy skilled jobs, so on average you can expect to pay between R$1,000 and R$3,000.


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