Belgium is a small European country with a developed economy and high living standards. It is washed by the North Sea, and borders with Germany in the east, the Netherlands in the north, Luxembourg in the south-east, and France in the south and west. The country is an important international political center, with the headquarters of associations such as the European Union and NATO located in its capital. Its rich history, tradition and fine cuisine attract many tourists to Belgium.

Its comfortable geographical location, stable economy and high wages make the Belgian labor market popular with applicants from all over the world. Work in Belgium for foreigners in 2024 is available mainly in information technology, industry and medicine. In particular, it requires programmers, engineers, builders, junior medical staff, social workers and English teachers.

Work in Belgium

It is best to look for work in Belgium in large cities with serious economic potential, which are in greater need of foreign specialists. Above all, these are Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi and Liège. A special place is the capital Brussels, where in addition to political associations, there are offices of many transnational companies and public organizations. Unemployment in Belgium does not exceed 5-7%, and the income tax rate ranges from 25 to 50%.

For legal employment in Belgium, foreigners from non-EU countries need to find a vacancy in advance, execute a contract, obtain a work permit and open a work visa. There are several types of work permits for foreigners in the country – A, B, C. According to the local government, the official minimum wage in Belgium in 2024 is 2,029.88 euros per month. The average monthly income of Belgian workers is about 3,627 euros.


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Given the high level of competition, in order to successfully find a job in Belgium, applicants from abroad need to have a demanded/deficient profession, have sufficient experience, education and skill level, as well as knowledge of English and at least one of the official languages – Dutch, German, French.

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