Belgium is a developed state, a part of the European Union, and is conveniently located near the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg. In the north-west, it is washed by the North Sea. It is an important international political center, where the headquarters of associations such as the European Union and NATO function.


Stable economy and high standard of living in Belgium contribute to the inflow of labor migrants from different countries with scarce specialisation and experience for local employers. In addition, it is a very beautiful country with excellent architecture, rich history and culture. Let's find out what professions are in demand in Belgium in 2024.

Labour market in Belgium

Belgium has a population of about 11.7 million people. In 2024, about 70% of Belgian citizens between the ages of 20 and 64 are employed. Compared to last year, the employment rate is slightly lower, at 75% for men and 67% for women. The unemployment rate in Belgium varies during the year from 5 to 7%, and reaches 20% among young people. The least unemployed are in Flanders.

Official employment in Belgium for foreigners from third countries involves a preliminary search for a job, signing an employment contract, obtaining a work permit, opening a work visa and obtaining a residence permit. Qualified foreign specialists with a contract salary of more than 54 thousand euros per year can apply for the EU Blue Card.

The minimum wage in Belgium in 2024 is 1,994.18 euros per month. The highest rate in the European Union after Luxembourg, Ireland and the Netherlands. According to the Belgian publications "Vacature" and "Leuven University", the average salary in Belgium is 3,627 euros per month. About 2,000-2,200 euros remain after tax deductions.

The most demanded professions in Belgium

The vast majority of Belgium's labor force is employed in the service sector. Agriculture accounts for just over 1%, and the rest of the workers are employed in industry. The most scarce professions in Belgium are programmers, engineers, construction workers, medical assistants, social workers, and English teachers.

Important. Business in Belgium mainly needs highly skilled professionals from abroad, usually holders of technical professions.

According to the official data of the Belgian Statistical Office, at the beginning of 2024 there were about 140 thousand vacancies in local companies. At the same time the most jobs are registered in the spheres of information and communication, construction, accommodation, services and public catering, scientific activities and administrative services, transport, industry and wholesale and retail trade.


1 Architect (civil engineering)
2 Auditor
3 Engineer (different directions)
4 Junior medical staff (nurses, midwives)
5 Programmer (different directions)
6 Secretar
7 Staff of international organizations
8 Social workers
9 Builder (different directions)
10 English teacher

Note. Information is based on data from Belgian and international recruitment agencies.

In conclusion, we note that Belgium has a progressive income tax rate from 25 to 50%. Despite all the advantages, including high wages, favorable climate and delicious cuisine, living here is very expensive.

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