Canada is a very resource-rich, technologically advanced and large country in North America with a population of about 38.9 million people. The country has one of the most effective immigration programs in the world, which allows attracting qualified foreign specialists and wealthy businessmen from different parts of the world to Canadian regions.

Work in Canada for foreigners in 2024 is available mainly in construction, information technology, finance, tourism, medicine, agriculture, trade and transport. According to local recruitment agencies, the most popular professions are load-lifting operator, accountant, design engineer, business analyst and programmer.

Work in Canada

The best places to look for work in Canada are in major cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary. To be legally employed in Canada, foreigners must first find an employer and get a work permit. The best way to get a job is to take part in an immigration program. For example, the Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class and Federal Skilled Trades.

Unemployment in Canada does not exceed 6%. The rate of income tax varies from 15% to 33%. Depending on the province, the minimum wage is between 14 and 19 Canadian dollars per hour. According to official data from Statistics Canada, the average wage in Canada in 2024 is 1,232.22 Canadian dollars per week ($895).


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In conclusion, given the high level of competition, in order to successfully find a job in Canada, foreign job seekers need to have a profession that is in demand/deficient, has sufficient experience and skill level, as well as knowledge of French and English.

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