Serbia is a small country in the southeastern part of Europe, which has no access to the sea, but there are many picturesque and historical places for tourists, and especially popular are the health resorts and recreational areas. The country has a comfortable climate, reasonable prices, friendly people. Nevertheless, working in Serbia for foreigners in 2024 is not the best way to significantly improve the well-being.

Unemployment in Serbia in 2024, depending on the region, reaches 8-10%. Unresolved economic and political problems, high levels of corruption and a lack of foreign investment do not allow for the creation of enough new jobs, which in turn increases competition and makes it more difficult for foreigners to find work in Serbia. However, with the right persistence, it is possible to find a job in this country. Next, let's look at the main options for finding a job in Serbia and the procedure for relocating workers from abroad in 2024.

Work in Serbia

How to go to work in Serbia

Short-term tourist visits to Serbia (up to 30 days) for citizens from third countries do not require a visa. This rule may ease the search for an employer in Serbia, the interview and the signing of the employment contract. Nevertheless, in order to work in Serbia, according to the local law "On Employment of Foreigners," a foreign applicant must obtain a work visa, a work permit and a temporary residence permit.

After arriving in Serbia within 24 hours, the applicant must apply to the local police department, which is responsible for granting the temporary residence permit. Usually the document is issued for one year and can be extended for the same period. Of course, beforehand, the employment contract must be signed and the work permit must be issued, which is obtained for the foreign employee by the employer.

Requirements for obtaining a work permit in Serbia

  1. There are no local applicants for the vacancy within one month.

  2. The vacancy has not arisen due to the dismissal of the employee as a result of any economic or organizational changes.

  3. Signed work contract with working conditions in accordance with local requirements.

In addition, the foreigner must have sufficient qualifications, knowledge and experience to perform a professional activity, which is also verified by the Serbian National Employment Service responsible for issuing work permits. Seasonal work in Serbia for up to six months within 12 months, e.g. in construction or agriculture, may require a guarantee from the employer to provide accommodation and meals for the duration of the work.

There is also a personal work permit in Serbia that allows the foreigner to conduct his or her own business on Serbian territory, and a permit for special cases, such as internships, employment of executives or experts in a particular field. Violations of Serbian legislation on employment of foreign workers are subject to heavy fines, up to 8 thousand euro, as well as a ban on future work in the country.

Employment in Serbia. Job Search.

The population of Serbia in 2024 is about 7.1 million people, most of whom are fully qualified workers. There are at least 800 thousand unemployed people in the country today, and if we talk about the youth, then about 50% of them can't find a job on the local labor market. Accordingly, finding a job in Serbia for foreigners in 2024 is a very troublesome procedure.

First of all, you should take care of your Serbian and English language skills, although Russian is used quite often in the country. Personal acquaintances and business connections are a big plus. Of course, education and experience can help you find a better-paying job. Very often vacancies are available in branches and representative offices of foreign companies in Serbia.

Job search in Serbia

Official website of the National Employment Service of Serbia –

Professional social networking site –

Popular job sites in Serbia

Use a variety of job search options, including contacting Serbian employers directly or enlisting the services of local recruitment agencies.

Jobs and salaries in Serbia

The average salary in Serbia in 2024 after taxes is about 95.8 thousand dinars per month or 820 euros. In many ways, this figure applies to the capital city of Belgrade. Jobs and salaries in Serbia In smaller Serbian cities, salaries are even lower. Specialists in oil, gas, financial, insurance, information and pharmaceutical industries earn the most.

The agricultural sector is considered to be the lowest paid. The official minimum wage in Serbia as of January 1, 2024, is 271 dinars, or 2 euros per hour. Serbian workers earn at least 47,154 dinars (€400) per month.

In 2024, foreigners can count on jobs in Serbia in construction, manufacturing, information technology, trade and tourism. Applicants from abroad in most cases work in branches of foreign companies, where it is much easier to find a job. Finding a seasonal job in Serbia, unlike in Montenegro, which is visited by many more tourists, is very problematic.

Sometimes there are vacancies in Serbia for foreign applicants in the field of unskilled labor. For example, waitresses, nannies, housekeepers and nurses are required. But it is necessary to keep in mind that it is almost unrealistic to make money in these professions. Most of the money will go to cover daily expenses. Nevertheless, everyone has his or her own reasons for immigrating to Serbia and employment can only be a reason to integrate into this wonderful European country.

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