Serbia is located in south-eastern Europe and the central part of the Balkan Peninsula. It borders with eight states and has no access to the sea. It has quite a comfortable climate, moderate prices and friendly people. Russians often visit this friendly country not only for employment or business, but also for tourism purposes.

Salary in Serbia

Compared to more developed European countries, Serbia still faces a number of social and economic problems, which negatively affect the local labor market and the level of well-being of Serbs. For example, unemployment in Serbia today is around 10–11%, and among young people it reaches 25–30%. The employment rate is 50%, which means that some 480 thousand people are unemployed. Next, let's find out what salary in Serbia in 2022.

Minimum salary in Serbia

According to the decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the minimum wage in the period from January to December 2022, excluding taxes and mandatory social security contributions, is 201.22 (net) Serbian dinars per working hour, which is equivalent to 1.8 U.S. dollars. Last year the rate was 183.93 dinars.

Depending on the number of working hours per month, the official minimum wage in Serbia in 2022 ranges from 43,174.32 to 50,063.45 dinars per month.


Hours per month Dinars per month (net) Dollars per month (net)
160 43,174.32 340
168 45,470.70 355
176 47,767.08 375
184 50,063.45 390

Average salary in Serbia

According to official data from the Serbian Statistical Office, before taxes the average salary in Serbia in 2022 is 97,877 dinars ($895) per month. After all deductions, a worker has 70,920 dinars ($650) at their disposal. In the public sector, the income is 108,721 dinars per month ($995), and in the private sector 93m334 dinars ($855).

The highest salaries in Serbia are earned by employees in Vračar municipality – 117,871 dinars per month ($1,080) after tax deductions, and the lowest in Bojnik (Jablanic county) – 67,600 dinars ($620). Among economic sectors, information and communication earn the most – 195,271 dinars per month ($1,790), and the lowest income is recorded in accommodation and food – 54,556 dinars ($500).


Sector of economy Dinars per month (gross/net) USD per month (gross/net)
Information and communication 195,271/142,791 1,790/1,310
Financial and insurance activity 148,787/108,104 1,365/990
Supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning 136,112/97,377 1,250/895
Mining 135,475/97,397 1,240/895
Professional, scientific and technical activity 116,648/84,792 1,070/775
Public administration and protection 104,348/74,933 955/685
Health care and social work 101,864/73,232 935/670
Education 87,982/63,507 805/580
Real estate operations 86,768/63,104 795/580
Administrative and support services 82,963/60,298 760/555
Water supply, sewerage and waste management 81,511/59,148 745/540
Manufacturing 78,854/57,329 725/525
Fishing, agriculture and forestry 77,107/55,932 705/515
Transportation and storage 76,324/55,604 700/510
Wholesale and retail 74,846/54,599 685/500
Art, entertainment and leisure 73,788/53,651 675/490
Accommodation and meals 54,556/39,687 500/365
Other services 66,867 /48,201 615/440

In conclusion, it should be noted that in 2022 Serbia has fixed income tax rates from 10% to 20%.

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