The Kingdom of Bahrain is an island state washed by the Persian Gulf and located in Southwest Asia east of Saudi Arabia. It is considered the smallest Arab country in the region.

Despite efforts by the local government to diversify the economy, oil revenues still account for up to 86% of Bahrain's budget. However, low commodity prices in recent years have stimulated the development of several other industries, particularly tourism and services.

Aluminum production, shipbuilding, construction, and the financial and banking sectors are crucial to the economy. Bahrain is considered the business center of the region, a large number of multinational companies open offices here and, in general, the investment climate in the country is quite attractive.

Work in Bahrain

Jobs in Bahrain for foreigners in 2024 are available in skilled labor in industry and finance for men, and girls can find jobs in the tourism and aviation industry. Next, consider the specifics of labor migration, job search options, popular jobs and salary levels in Bahrain in 2024.

Features of labor migration to Bahrain

The population of Bahrain in 2024 is about 1.5 million people, with a labor force of about 842,300. A large number of natives from Europe and other Asian states live and work in the country, in particular, many migrants came from Iran. In total, foreigners occupy more than half of the jobs in Bahrain's labor market. The instability of oil markets and social protests of the population have forced local authorities to impose legal restrictions on the employment of foreign workers, which should ensure maximum employment of Bahrainis.

Bahrain's unemployment rate in 2024 is about 5-6%. Local specialists are highly qualified, many of them were well educated at universities in Great Britain and the United States. However, according to experts, Bahrain will not be able to completely fill the vacancies in the labor market with its own citizens for a year or even a decade, which opens the way to the country for migrant workers. First of all, this applies to holders of professions requiring high qualifications and experience.

We should not forget that Bahrain is a Muslim country, although it has a quite modern and traditional culture, unlike many of its neighbors in the region. In any case, the local customs must be respected. Arabic is the official language in the country, English, Urdu and Farsi are widely used. Work in Bahrain without a knowledge of the language is virtually inaccessible. At least English should be at a good level. The country offers reasonable prices, high wages, good infrastructure and quite comfortable living conditions. One of the few disadvantages for immigration is the climate. The temperature can exceed 45 degrees and the humidity is more than 95%.

Official work in Bahrain means finding an employer in advance, signing an employment contract, obtaining a work permit and opening a work visa in your country. That is, virtually identical requirements to most countries in the world. The company acts as a sponsor of a foreign applicant and applies to the local authorities for a work permit. The main requirement is that there are no applicants for the vacancy among Bahrainis. The document is valid for two years, after which it is extended.

How to find a job in Bahrain. Job search.

Job search in Bahrain

One of the distinctive features of Bahrain's labor law is the ability of local employers to issue a certain number of work permits to foreigners without reference to a specific person. This greatly simplifies the employment procedure and allows you to start professional duties as soon as possible. Usually such actions are practiced by large companies in Bahrain and international corporations, where the bulk of migrant workers are employed.

Most multinational companies and local employers are concentrated in the capital of Bahrain - Manama. Also consider the cities of Muharraq and Rifa. Write a competent resume and cover letter. Write directly to employers through official websites. Here are some major companies in Bahrain:

  • Bahrain National Oil Company, Bahrain Petroleum Company

  • Aluminium Bahrain

  • Arabian Ship Repair Yard

  • The Bahrain Telecommunications Company

Be sure to visit Bahrain as a tourist and try to contact an employer locally. Look through topical forums and social networking groups, analyze information and make the right connections. Join a professional social networking site, Look carefully at major foreign sites with job bases in Bahrain.

Popular job search sites in Bahrain

Still, the vast majority of foreigners find jobs in Bahrain as a result of transfer within the same company or with the help of specialized recruitment agencies. If you can't do without intermediaries, contact a trusted international recruiting company.

Jobs and wages in Bahrain

Wages in Bahrain

Similar to jobs in Kuwait and some other Gulf countries, the indisputable advantages of labor migration to Bahrain are high salaries and no income tax. For example, in the same developed countries of Western Europe, tax deductions from the income of workers can reach 50% or more. The vast majority of local residents, about 67%, work in the service sector, 32% are employed in industry and not more than 1% in agriculture.

The average wage in Bahrain in 2024 is about 1,330 local dinars or $3,500 a month. It all depends on the profession. For example, in the banking and oil sector, salaries reach 4-5 thousand dollars and higher. Even unskilled labor is paid very decently. For example, couriers or ordinary drivers get up to 900-1,000 dollars. Foreigners often work in positions that require higher education and experience, so they can count on a good income.

Available jobs in Bahrain for foreigners in 2024:

  • Oil and gas sector

  • Construction

  • Healthcare

  • Education and English language teaching

  • Financial and banking services

  • Tourism

  • Shipbuilding

In Bahrain, a fairly liberal economy, which means that women, including foreign women, have a chance to succeed in employment almost on a par with men. The only thing is that one should not forget about Muslim traditions and rules of behavior in the society. Jobs in Bahrain for girls are available in tourism services (receptionists, maids, hostesses), medicine, education, social services (care of the sick and elderly). European-looking stewardesses are often needed in the national airlines.


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