The Kingdom of Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia between Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, washed by the Gulf of Thailand (South China Sea). Over the past decades, the economy of the country has shown steady growth. In particular, it develops tourism, the clothing industry, construction and agriculture. Gold, bauxite and precious stones are mined. Nevertheless, Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries in Asia, with more than a third of its budget funded by international financial institutions.

Objectively, Cambodia is not the most suitable place for foreigners planning to significantly raise the level of income, the same employment in Vietnam today looks much more promising. Nevertheless, everyone makes his own choice and jobs in the Cambodian labor market can be found. For example, jobs in Cambodia in 2024 are offered in training and tourism, as well as particularly valued skilled technicians. Of course, labor migration to Cambodia has its own specifics and difficulties, which will be discussed below.

Work in Cambodia

Features of Labor migration to Cambodia

The vast majority of Cambodian citizens (97%) are Buddhists. The country has many beautiful temples, amazing landscapes, historical sites, exquisite cuisine and specific climatic conditions. Each year the kingdom is visited by up to 5 million tourists from different countries. The prices for housing, food and other basic necessities in Cambodia are much lower compared with developed countries in Europe and Asia. However, the country is accompanied by great difficulties.

The population of Cambodia in 2024 is about 17.1 million people, the labor force is about 8 million. Unfortunately, the residents of this Asian country suffer from poverty and income inequality, up to 35-40% of children are chronically malnourished, corruption is rife, there are problems with education, health care and infrastructure development. Officially, the unemployment rate in Cambodia does not exceed 1% and it is one of the few positive things for labor migration.

The official language in Cambodia is Khmer. English is used in business environments, such as international companies, as well as in tourist services. It is clear that without knowing at least English at a good level to find an official job in Cambodia is almost impossible. Moreover, the education, sufficient qualifications and experience of foreign applicants are the most important components for the successful employment.

Legislative norms of Cambodia regarding migrant workers are quite contradictory. Many foreigners work for years in the country without any additional permits, having an ordinary business visa, which is initially issued for one month with the right to extend for one year, and believe that they are doing everything right. In fact, the local labor law of 1997 requires a mandatory work permit.

Just a few years ago, Cambodian authorities began to implement stricter control and now migrant workers face heavy fines and deportation for lack of special permits. To summarize the above, we strongly recommend complying in advance with all requirements of immigration and labor laws of Cambodia. That is, by analogy with most countries in the world, you should first find an employer, on this basis, obtain a work visa and work permit.

How to find a job in Cambodia

How to find a job in Cambodia

Jobs in Cambodia for foreigners in 2024 are very limited. Due to the difficult socio-economic situation in the country, the local authorities are trying to provide full employment for their own citizens, and employers are very reluctant to give vacancies to applicants from abroad.

Much more welcome foreign investment in the economy of Cambodia and the creation of new jobs. In any case, to occupy the job you need to have an indisputable professional advantage and in some ways even unique skills. Most offers for foreigners are concentrated in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh.

Be sure to visit Cambodia for tourism purposes. See the living conditions in the country with their own eyes, talk to locals and migrant workers. Try to reach the employer directly, not all jobs in Cambodia are publicly available, but work only legally.

Apply to international companies in Cambodia through official websites. Visit thematic forums and groups on social networks. Prepare a good resume and cover letter. Be patient and analyze the information about vacancies and employment opportunities in Cambodia available online.

Professional social networking –

Popular job search sites in Cambodia

Cambodia's famous English-language newspapers

Cambodia Daily

the Phnom Penh Post

If you can not find a job in Cambodia on your own, contact the local official recruitment agency –

Jobs and wages in Cambodia

Jobs and wages in Cambodia

The main source of income for most Cambodians is still agriculture, which employs about 48.7% of the working population. The industrial sector employs about 19.9%, and the service sector 31.4%. Up to 700 thousand local specialists work in the clothing industry, up to 500 thousand in tourism, in construction about 50 thousand people are involved.

More than 2,5 million Khmer (Cambodians) live on 1-2 dollars a day, and in general the income of the local population is very low. The average monthly salary in Cambodia in 2024 does not exceed 250-300 dollars a month. The official minimum wage is set at $200 per month (for the garment and shoe industry). High-skilled foreigners can expect an income of $500-600 or more.

Jobs in Cambodia for foreigners in 2024 are available in tourism, teaching English in private schools, construction industry. International companies require managers, financiers and skilled technicians. In the field of unskilled labor to find a job in Cambodia is very difficult, and the level of income will not please. Some foreigners live in the country permanently and work remotely.

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