Seoul is the largest cultural, financial, scientific, and political center and capital of South Korea, located on the Hangang River in the northwestern part of the country near the Yellow Sea. It is considered the most promising, in terms of earning, city in the country, including for migrant workers from different parts of the world. Jobs in Seoul for foreigners in 2024 are in unprecedented demand, but are not available to every applicant.

Work in Seoul

Against the backdrop of many beautiful historical monuments, including palaces and old wooden one-story houses, ultra-modern shopping centers and skyscrapers are being built in Seoul. The economy of the South Korean capital generates more than 20% of the gross domestic product of the country and continues to grow rapidly. According to many experts, Seoul is among the 10 richest cities in the world. Below, let's look at the specifics of labor migration, job search options, current vacancies and salaries in Seoul in 2024.

Labor migration to Seoul

According to various estimates, the population of Seoul will be between 10.6 million and 10.9 million in 2024. It is the largest city in South Korea with more than two thousand years of history. The vast majority of local residents are Koreans, and the foreign population is represented mainly by the Chinese. In addition, there are many U.S. and Taiwanese citizens in Seoul, and a total of more than 360,000 foreigners live in the capital of South Korea.

Working in Seoul will not only help you improve your financial situation, but also give you a chance to get acquainted with features of Asian culture in your spare time, relax in well-groomed parks, enjoy local sights and cuisine. The city has an ideal infrastructure, comfortable climate, and minimal crime rate.

Labor migration to Seoul

The Seoul authorities have a very positive attitude to labor migrants from abroad, who can provide additional growth to an already powerful economy. There are "Support Centers for Foreigners" operating in various districts of the city, where local experts provide advice on living, employment, and adaptation.

Following the example of most developed countries, including member states of the European Union, an official job in Seoul requires foreigners to fulfill a number of prerequisites. First and foremost, you must find a Korean employer, draw up an employment contract, and open a work visa. South Korean law provides for an impressive number of visas for migrant workers.

The most popular visa that allows you to work in Seoul for a short period of time – up to 90 days - is called C-4. Depending on the occupation and contract duration, foreigners are issued category E (3,4,5,7) work visas for long-term employment in South Korea. More detailed and official information is provided exclusively by the staff of the South Korean Consulate in the immigrant's country.

How to find a job in Seoul

Jobs in Seoul for foreigners are associated with a high level of competition. Labor migrants from all over the world, including Asia, Europe, and North America, head to the capital of South Korea. The qualifications, experience, and professional skills of an applicant must be in demand in the local labor market.

How to find a job in Seoul

Seoul is the most important business center of South Korea, which hosts global multinational companies and the headquarters of major South Korean corporations, including Kia, Hyundai, Samsung, LG Electronics, Jinro. Such employers very often need qualified specialists from abroad and offer quite acceptable conditions for employment.

One of the main requirements when searching for a job in Seoul concerns language skills. It is ideal to have the basics of Korean, but advanced English is sufficient for many positions, especially in large companies. Jobs in Seoul without language skills are virtually inaccessible. Write a competent resume and cover letter. Write job offers directly to employers.

Job search in Seoul

National job center in

Major employers in

Professional social networking

A well-known newspaper in South Korea (Seoul)The Korea Times

Popular job search sites in Seoul

If you can't find a job in Seoul without intermediaries, try a reputable recruitment agency, preferably an international or South Korean one. Visit the city as a tourist and use this time to make business contacts. Get active on the Internet. Visit thematic forums and groups in social networks. Collect and analyze information about jobs in Seoul from various sources.

Jobs and salaries in Seoul

Jobs and salaries in Seoul

Seoul has a very strong high-tech industry, and the largest industries where jobs are concentrated are information technology, electronics, finance, tourism, retail, agriculture, and food and beverage production. In many of these areas there are vacancies in Seoul for applicants from abroad in 2024.

A large number of migrant workers work in the capital of South Korea in the service, automotive and chemical industries. Perfect knowledge of English will help to find a job as a teacher or tutor. Jobs in Seoul for women are available in the field of modeling. Hostesses and dancers are sometimes needed. Men can get jobs in construction.

Unemployment in Seoul and the country as a whole does not exceed 3–4%. About half of South Korea's population lives in the capital and nearby cities. Fortunately, ample employment and high income opportunities are available not only to locals but also to foreigners. Koreans officially earn at least 9,860 won per hour (7 euros), and the average salary in Seoul in 2024 is about 2,000-2,500 euros per month.

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