Barcelona is an amazingly beautiful Spanish city, impressive in architectural sophistication and color. Spanish citizens living in the capital of Catalonia have a special mentality, culture and traditions. Hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world visit Barcelona every year to enjoy local museums, cuisine and manicured Mediterranean beaches. At the same time, many foreigners dream of working in Spain. The lion's share of migrant workers, in addition to the main city of the country, Madrid, seek to find work in Barcelona.

Barcelona has a very favorable geographical location, which contributes to the growth of trade and development of Spanish business for many years. The Catalan region's economy generates up to 20% of the country's GDP and is a strategically important part of the country's prosperity. Jobs in Barcelona in 2024 are available in different areas – from industrial production to architecture and design. The specifics of employment, job search options, current vacancies and salaries in Barcelona in 2024 are discussed below.

Work in Barcelona

Features of employment in Barcelona

The positive factors of long-term labor migration to Barcelona, which means obtaining a residence permit in Spain, are the aesthetic pleasure of being in one of the best cities of Europe and the way to earn good money. Average salaries in Catalonia are higher than many European Union countries. The city has a developed infrastructure, a quality health care system and level of education. Many Spanish universities rank high in international rankings.

One of the most prestigious is considered the Autonomous University of Barcelona. In general, the climate, the way of life of the Catalans and the surrounding atmosphere is very bright. What the world-famous soccer team and the opportunity to visit matches of the Spanish La Liga. However to successfully find a job and move to Barcelona you need to understand some peculiarities of employment in this city. For example, the age-old language barrier.

Work in Barcelona without knowledge of the language is practically inaccessible. Officially Spanish and Catalan languages are used in the city. And the latter is preferred by most residents to communicate in. English is widely spoken in business and tourism industry. In general, to occupy a decent job in Barcelona in 2024, a foreigner must have skills in at least one of the above languages. The next point is related to competition in the local labor market. The population of Barcelona in 2024 is about 1.6 million people. This is the second figure in Spain after Madrid.

Features of employment in Barcelona

In addition, the capital of Catalonia is considered one of the most densely populated cities in Europe. Over 17% of the local residents are immigrants from other countries. Unemployment in Spain this year is about 12%. The situation in Barcelona is more or less the same, although the situation has improved considerably in recent years. Jobs in agriculture and industry are growing, while jobs in services and construction are declining. Foreigners from third countries will have to compete for jobs in Barcelona not only with locals and EU citizens, but also with migrant workers from Morocco, Pakistan, China and many other countries.

The main difficulty for a job seeker is to find an employer in advance and conclude an employment contract. Without this, it is not possible to move and officially carry out professional activities in Barcelona. Spanish company applies to the local Ministry of Labor for a work permit for a foreigner, after which within a month at the Spanish Consulate is issued a work visa. The document is usually issued for 12 months with the right to extend. After 5 years you can get permanent residence.

Positive decision about obtaining work permit in Barcelona is taken in case a foreigner has a scarce profession or there are no candidates for the vacancy among Spaniards and Europeans (EU countries). Term of consideration of applications can reach 6-8 months. Within 30 days after moving each foreign worker must register with the social security authorities and get an identity card (NIE) at the local police station. Employment conditions in Barcelona are different for EU Blue Card holders, seasonal workers and au pairs.

How to find a job in Barcelona

How to find a job in Barcelona

The difficulties in the economy and the problems of employment in Spain make the process of finding a job in Barcelona very problematic. Few foreigners are able to find a well-paid job. First of all, prepare your resume and cover letter carefully. Have your educational documents and qualifications translated into Spanish beforehand. Additional certificates confirming experience and professionalism is a big plus.

Sharpen your language skills, especially English and Spanish. Knowledge of other languages, such as German or French, is very welcome. Many international companies have offices in Barcelona. Write job offers to employers directly. Look out for large companies in the high-tech, industrial goods and medical products industries. For example, pharmaceutical companies like Almirall Prodesfarma, Esteve and Uriach.

Visit the capital of Catalonia for tourism purposes. Try to make business acquaintances, talk to locals and immigrants. Even a casual stroll down the streets or a cup of coffee in a bar can bring unexpected positive results in your job search in Barcelona. Be active on the Internet. Check out thematic forums and social networking groups. Look for like-minded people and ask about the experience of other labor migrants.

Job search in Barcelona

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If you can't find a job in Barcelona on your own, contact an official employment agency. Be careful of local middlemen, especially if you don't speak the language well enough. In the search for a recruiting company in Barcelona will help resource –

Jobs and salary in Barcelona

In spite of certain difficulties of Spain, Barcelona remains an economically powerful European city. Different industries are well developed here, including manufacturing, automotive, banking, tourism, logistics, agriculture, pharmaceutical production, art, high-tech, trade, services and much more. Therefore, in comparison with other Spanish regions, there are jobs in Barcelona in 2024 for foreigners.

Jobs and salary in Barcelona

However, the cost of living in Catalonia, in particular the prices of real estate and utilities are very high, and wages are relatively low, unlike in more developed Western European countries. For example, Germany and Great Britain. The minimum salary of Spanish specialists is equal to 1,260 euros per month. The average salary in Barcelona in 2024 is about 1,800-2,000 euros per month after taxes. It all depends on the level of qualification, profession and employer.

Vacancies in Barcelona in 2024 will be found for experienced workers in IT and telecommunications. The city has more than 2,000 companies in these areas. The chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, medical, construction and biotechnology industries are worth considering. Advanced English is an excellent way to find employment as a call center operator or teacher. Students are often offered seasonal work in Barcelona in the tourism industry.

Qualified professionals from abroad are paid more than 1,500 euros per month. Workers without qualifications can find jobs in Barcelona as waiters, chef's assistants, bartenders, hotel maids, nannies, and caregivers. The average monthly salary in these areas does not exceed 800-1,200 euros, and the competition is very significant. Moreover, it is currently difficult to find legal employment in such professions.

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