After joining the European Union in 1986, Spain's economy has become one of the most dynamic and fastest growing in the world. The country has developed shipbuilding, medical equipment, clothing, food processing and tourism. In addition, Spain is a leader in respect for freedoms and human rights.

However, the global financial crisis of 2008 has significantly reduced Spain's economic growth. In recent years, due to fiscal austerity measures and EU support, the country has managed to regain positive development trends and the trust of both foreign and Spanish investors.

Jobs in Spain for foreigners in 2024 are primarily available for professionals in the IT sector and workers in the construction industry. Unemployment in the country, which, although it has begun to decline in recent years, is still about 11–13%, and among young people reaches 35%. This is one of the worst indicators in Europe and a major problem for the successful development of the state.

Work in Spain

Therefore the government of Spain is doing everything necessary in terms of labour, pension and tax reforms and by 2024 the situation has gradually improved. Spain has rich culture, comfortable climate, good geographical position and favorable conditions for living. All this contributes to the inflow of tourists and labor migrants from all over the world.

Let's learn more about how to find a job in Spain without intermediaries in 2024. Also, find out what kind of jobs and salaries are available for foreigners on the Spanish labor market.

Employment of foreigners in Spain

Following the example of other European countries, employment in Spain for foreigners is a competition with locals and EU citizens, for whom more accessible mechanisms of employment have been created. For example, there is no need to obtain a work permit in Spain, as it is for representatives of third countries.

Find a suitable vacancy in Spain for highly skilled professionals, subject to the shortage of Spanish workers on the local labor market. This is mainly in IT, manufacturing, medicine, construction, and tourism. In most cases, successful employment will require a good command of Spanish, sometimes English will suffice. Jobs in Spain without knowledge of the language are practically inaccessible.

In order to conclude an employment contract with a foreigner, the Spanish employer must convince the local authorities of the lack of the required specialist among the locals. A list of scarce vacancies in different regions of Spain can be found on the website of the Public Employment Service – Work experience, qualifications and professional skills of a foreign worker must match the available vacancy. The ideal option is to obtain a university degree from one of Spain's higher education institutions.

After the Migration and Employment Service of Spain approves the foreigner to take the job, an employment agreement is signed and the employer issues a work permit to the new employee at the local office of the Ministry of Labor. The employee is required to send a list of required documents – application in the prescribed form, copies of passport, diplomas of education and certificates confirming the qualifications.

Usually a work permit in Spain is issued within 90 days and for a period of one year, with the possibility of subsequent extension. After that, the applicant must apply for a work visa at the Consulate of Spain in his country no later than 30 days.

Job search options without intermediaries

Independent job search in Spain without intermediaries is the most reliable and affordable way of employment in today's realities. Foreigners have more chances to find a job in large Spanish cities, for example, in Madrid or Barcelona. Quite often, jobs in Spain are offered by large Spanish companies – Gas Natural FenosaBanco, Repsol YPF, Telefónica, BBVA, Iberdrola, Grupo ACS.

Popular Spanish job sites

International Employment Resources in Spain

Finding a job in Spain is possible with the help of more specialized resources:

Professional social network A very in-demand and reliable way of employment in the modern world. Spanish employers do not lag behind in this area either.

The State Employment Service of Spain is more suitable for locals, but foreigners will find useful information for themselves.

Spanish job sites for IT professionals are and

In addition to job sites, you can find jobs in Spain by reading local newspapers and magazines (El Pais, El Mundo), watching TV and radio ads, using personal contacts, tips from friends and acquaintances. Particular attention should be paid to filling out your resume and cover letter correctly. It is necessary to follow the tips and recommendations on the rules of conduct at the interview offered by Spanish experts.

Jobs and wages in Spain

In terms of wages, Spain occupies an average position among EU member states. The official minimum wage for Spanish workers since January 1, 2024 is 1,134 euros per month. The average salary in Spain in 2024 is at 2,075.43 euros per month. Lower than in Germany or France, but higher than in Poland or the Czech Republic. Men in Spain earn on average 20% more than women.

Available jobs and salaries in Spain for foreigners in 2024, depending on the goals, skills, work experience, education and language skills to compete with Spaniards and Europeans, are as follows (after taxes)

  • Doctors – 2,500-3,000 euros

  • Engineers – 2,000-2,500 euros

  • IT – 1,500-2,000 euros

  • Managers – up to 1,800 euros

  • Builders – 1,200-1,500 euro

Another option for employment is an unskilled job in Spain without language skills or minimum conversational skills. For example, caregivers, cleaners, loaders, harvesters, laborers, and so on. Here you can earn about 500-700 euros a month, up to 1000 euros.

Sales consultants, technicians in the automotive industry, employees in the restaurant industry, hotel business with knowledge of at least English earn 1,200-1,500 euros per month.


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