Spain is located in the southwestern part of Europe and partially in Africa. It borders Portugal in the west, France and Andorra in the north, Gibraltar in the south, and Morocco in the North Africa. It is a very beautiful sunny country with luxurious coastlines, clean air, favorable climate, friendly citizens and a fairly high standard of living.

Salary in Spain

The population of Spain is about 46.8 million people. The state is part of the European Union and uses the euro as its national currency. If we compare it with developed countries of Western Europe, the income of Spaniards is at an average level. But it is difficult for a foreigner to find a highly paid vacancy on the local labor market. Next, let's find out what salary in Spain in 2023.

Minimum salary in Spain

According to the Spanish Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, the official minimum wage in Spain in 2023 is € 1,260 per month (€ 15,120 per year). Compared to last year, the rate increased by 151.7 euros (12%). Inflation in Spain in 2022 was 8.3%, hence the purchasing power of local workers decreased slightly.

Important. In case of 14 payments per year, the minimum wage in Spain in 2023 is 1,080 euros per month and 36 euros per day.

In the last 8 years, the minimum wage in Spain has increased by 503.3 euros – from 756.7 euros in 2015 to 1,260 euros in 2023. For part-time workers, the minimum wage is set at 50 percent of the standard amount, that is, about 540 euros per month, subject to 14 monthly payments. Over the next few years, the Spanish authorities plan to increase the net minimum wage to 1,944 euros (60% of the average).

Average salary in Spain

According to the Spanish Statistical Institute, the average salary in Spain in 2023 is 2,075.43 euros per month before taxes. In cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, income is significantly higher, averaging 2,500-3,000 euros per month. In addition, the salaries of Spanish workers depends largely on education, experience, skill level and profession.

The hourly average salary in Spain:

  • Industry – 18.11 euros per hour

  • Construction – 14.76 euros per hour

  • Services – 17,01 euros per hour

The highest paid professions in Spain are related to banking, finance and insurance, as well as medicine. Spanish doctors earn on average more than 5,000 euros per month.


Sector of economy Euro per year (women) Euro per year (men)
Supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning 44,656.9 54,199.4
Financial and insurance activity 38,521.1 50,049.2
Mineral extraction 32,127.5 35,259.1
Information and communications 30,015.5 35,768.8
Professional and scientific-technical activity 27,709 33,020.5
Public administration and defense 27,391.4 30,582
Water supply, sewerage and waste management 24,010.7 27,628.2
Health care and social services 23,839.4 33,735.1
Production 22,857.8 28,741.2
Education 22,784 25,093
Transport and storage 22,210.8 24,618.8
Construction 20,588.7 22,927.3
Real estate operations 18,488.3 25,392.8
Wholesale and retail trade 17,377.7 23,829.7
Art, recreation and entertainment 15 526.4 19 406.7
Administrative and support services 13,604.1 20,174.9
Accommodation and catering services 13,161.3 16,138.9
Other services 14,001 20,752

Note. Information on average wages in Spain by sector of economy is based on official data from the Spanish Statistical Institute.

In conclusion, we note that the unemployment rate in Spain is about 12–13%, and the income tax rate in 2023 ranges from 19% (income to 12,450 euros per year) to 47% (income over 300,000 euros per year).

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