Employment in Finland for foreigners from third countries is, on the one hand, a temporary job to supplement the family budget, and on the other – a permanent job to move to Europe for permanent residence. Fortunately the country has created conditions for seasonal workers, as well as skilled foreign specialists.

Finland has been a member of the European Union since 1995. It has a free market economy and produces competitive products. Exports make the lion's share (about 30 %) of the GDP, especially in high-tech (cell phones) and promotion of startups in the IT-sector.

Work in Finland

Due to the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, the country has experienced severe cuts. Today the situation has improved, the unemployment rate in Finland is 7%, and with the development of Finnish business sector and the infusion of large-scale investments into the economy, the number of jobs is only increasing. In addition, one of the most acute problems in the country is aging population.

However, this does not mean that it will be easy for a foreigner to find a job in Finland. Especially not knowing the local language and without proper skills. Most jobs on the Finnish labor market in medicine, farming, construction and social services. But first things first. The topic of the article – work in Finland without intermediaries for applicants from abroad countries in 2024.

Employment in Finland

In recent years Finland has become increasingly open to foreign workers. This is also demonstrated by the large inflow of foreign workers, which more than doubles the number of emigrants leaving the country.

For example, in recent years jobs in Finland filled by tens of thousands of people from abroad. By the way, Russians are in the second place after Estonians in the number of permanently residing immigrants in this country.

Requirements for foreigners to work in Finland

Employment in Finland

  1. Work permit and residence permit. When looking for work and residence permits in Finland, the main difficulty for immigrants from a country outside the EU is that they must have looked for a job before coming to Finland. This must be done even before arriving in the country.

    In order to do this, it is necessary to find an employer in advance and get permission from the Finnish authorities. The application must be submitted to the Finnish Embassy in your country or to the Finnish police. As a rule, the permit enables you to work in a certain field. If you lose your job, you can apply for a professional position with a different company.

    At the same time, Finnish law stipulates certain types of jobs (mostly short-term) and professions that do not require a residence permit. It is enough to have an employment contract or an invitation and a visa for legal residence in Finland.

    Jobs and professions in Finland that do not require a residence permit (up to 90 days):

    • teachers, interpreters and sports referees;

    • artists, athletes and coaches;

    • work in farming (picking fruit, vegetables and berries);

    • researchers;

    • sailors;

    • organizers of tourist trips.

  2. Qualifications. For many occupations in Finland that foreigners undertake, it is required by Finnish law to have their qualifications and education recognized. Some professions require a special permit or card. There is an examination and a test system for this.

    A list of regulated professions and the institutions responsible for recognition can be found on the official website of the Finnish National Board of Education.

  3. Knowledge of the Finnish language. In principle, it is not obligatory. But in order to find a qualified, well-paid job it is necessary. Very often the local authorities, in cooperation with employers, assist a foreigner in passing language courses.

According to statistics, 6 months of intensive training is enough to take a job that does not require deep conversational skills. Proficiency in English is only welcome. It is also possible to get a job in Finland for seasonal work without knowing the language.

Finding a job on your own in Finland

The best way for applicants from abroad who need a work permit to look for a job in Finland without help is to use specialized Internet resources.

First of all, pay attention to official sites:

The Employment and Economic Affairs Offices of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland – A versatile resource with many useful services for both job seekers and employers. If you are new to applying for a job in Finland, you should definitely start your job search here. The site has information about local employment agencies all over the country.

EURES –, the official website of the European Union. Only suitable for EU citizens. The resource offers a lot of information not only about employment, but also about all aspects of European life.

Next, let's move on to popular job search sites in Finland:

In Finnish:

In English:

Specialized sites: – executive positions. – IT, construction, health care, logistics, industry. – for students.

Recruitment agency –

An all-round approach is important for effective job seeking in Finland. Sometimes jobs just don't show up on job sites. So if possible you need to use all available sources of information:

  • Social networks and forums.

  • Newspapers and TV.

  • Finnish company websites and job fairs.

  • Putting up notices on Finnish streets and in offices.

  • Talking to local people.

The main thing is not to get discouraged; sooner or later a job will be found.

Jobs and wages in Finland

There is no official minimum wage in Finland. It is regulated locally by collective agreements between employers and trade unions. The average wage in Finland in 2024 is 3,807 euros per month, one of the highest in Europe.

According to Statistics Finland, at the beginning of 2024 there will be about 48,000 open jobs in the labor market. Most jobs are concentrated in manufacturing. The southern part of the country is more active in accepting candidates, while the eastern part is the least active. Of course, in cities like Helsinki, it is easier to find a job and the pay is higher.

Among the available jobs in Finland in 2024 for foreigners are services, industry, construction and medicine. The most realistic jobs are for social workers, IT-specialists and engineers.

Due to the lack of qualified personnel and the general aging of the population, experienced specialists from abroad are able to find jobs in these fields. The level of pay is quite varied and depends on the company and the region. On average 3,000-4,000 euros per month.

Unfortunately, for the citizens from third countries the most common job in Finland is associated with forestry and farming. It is mostly harvesting vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, strawberries and other berries.

Such employment does not require any special knowledge of the Finnish language and is seasonal in nature. It is not necessary to get a residence permit, and Finnish employers are only happy to receive cheap labor. Wages are hourly or piece-rate. It is possible to earn here 1,000-1,500 euros per month.

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