Finland is one of the most developed, prosperous and wealthy countries in Europe, located in the northern part of the European continent, next to Norway, Sweden and Russia. The Finnish population is only 5.6 million people, of which only about 3.5% are of foreign origin.

Despite the fact that life in Finland is very expensive, by the level of wages this Scandinavian state has a leading position in the European Union, which attracts a large number of migrant workers. Let's find out what professions are in demand in Finland in 2024.


Labor market in Finland

Finland has a free market economy and produces products that are competitive on world markets, particularly in the field of high technology. The unemployment rate varies from 5-6% during the year. As in other developed European countries, Finnish business representatives seek to provide jobs, primarily for Finnish citizens. This is followed by workers from the European Union, and then by job seekers from third countries.

Usually for legal employment in Finland foreigners from outside the EU, must first find an employer and sign an employment contract. After that, a Finnish residence permit is issued with the right to carry out professional activities. In some cases, for example, for seasonal employment in agriculture for up to 90 days, it is sufficient to obtain a work visa to Finland.

There is no official minimum wage in Finnish law. The rates are regulated by collective agreements between trade unions and employers separately for each branch of the economy. On condition of full employment in the country as a whole, workers receive at least 1,800-2,000 euros monthly. The average salary in Finland in 2024 is about 3,807 euros per month before taxes and about 2,600 euros after all deductions.

The most demanded professions in Finland

According to official data from Statistics Finland, today, about 164 thousand Finns are unemployed (the number for the year has not changed). Unemployed men – 88 thousand, and women – 75 thousand. About 2.6 million people are officially employed in the country. Nevertheless, local labor market provides many employment options for foreigners, including seasonal work for unskilled personnel and long-term contracts for experienced professionals.

According to local recruitment agencies, the most popular occupations in Finland in 2024 are in the fields of manufacturing, construction, health care, education, information technology and agriculture.


1 Automechanic
2 Business Consultant
3 Accountant
4 Kindergarten teacher
5 General Practitioner
6 Technological engineer
7 Electrical Engineer
8 Speech Therapist
9 Nurse
10 Programmer
11 Psychologist
12 Handyman (roofer, concrete worker, fitter)
13 Harvester
14 Social worker
15 Dentist
16 Builder
17 Teacher

It is expected that in the next ten years the most popular professions in Finland and employment growth will be recorded in mining, information technology, wholesale and retail, finance and insurance.

In conclusion, we note that according to the official UN report – World Happiness Report, which collected data on 156 countries on the planet, Finland was recognized as the happiest country in the world.


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please, am interested in teaching, farm work, or a driver
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I have a Diploma of associate civil engineering technology
If any job available please respond
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