Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and regularly tops in various international rankings in terms of quality of life. The Austrian capital has stunning architecture and interesting streets. There is a famous opera house, many parks and art galleries. The high level of economic development attracts foreigners not only to work in Vienna, but also to conduct their own business in Austria.

A large number of students from abroad want to study in Austria, which greatly facilitates the process of finding a job in Vienna and allows you to stay in this beautiful city forever. For example, the prestigious University of Vienna, which gave the world nine Nobel Prize winners. Salaries in Austria after tax deductions exceed 2,200 euros per month, but living in the capital is very expensive. Next, find out how to find a job in Vienna in 2024.

Work in Vienna

Specifics of labor migration to Vienna

According to official information from local statistical offices, the population of Vienna in 2024 is about 2 million people. It is the largest city, as well as the main political, economic and cultural center of the country. According to some estimates, up to 40% of local residents are migrants, and in general the ethnic composition of the capital includes about 182 nationalities. In the last 10 years, the largest groups of foreigners who have immigrated to Vienna are Germans, Romanians, and Syrians.

Jobs in Vienna for foreigners from third countries in 2024 are available in many areas, including information technology, industry, construction, medicine, tourism, agriculture and unskilled labor, but with huge competition. After all, employment in a prosperous European state attracts many foreign specialists from different parts of the world.

The capital of Austria generates about a quarter of the gross domestic product of the country and employs up to 800 thousand people, many of whom come to work in Vienna from nearby cities. According to local experts, employment in the city will only increase, but mainly due to the demand for qualified technicians and workers in the field of health care. Therefore, in order to find a successful job in Vienna you need to have a scarce profession.

Specifics of labor migration to Vienna

In contrast to citizens of Austria and holders of passports of one of the EU countries, labor migrants from third countries have to go through a number of complicated procedures to get official employment in Vienna. In particular, to find a vacancy in advance, sign a labor contract, obtain a work permit, open a work visa and obtain a residence permit in Austria. Of course, local employers prefer to hire Austrians or Europeans.

Subject to certain conditions, foreigners can count on a simplified employment scheme. For example, the country provides a special work permit for scarce and qualified applicants from abroad – The Red-White-Red Card, and a temporary visa (6 months) to look for work directly in Vienna – The Jobseeker Visa. In each case you have to score a minimum number of points. Read more in the article Jobs in Austria.

How to find a job in Vienna

The Austrian capital region is one of the richest in Europe. Thanks to its good geographical location, Vienna is home to an enormous number of large foreign companies and international organizations, including the UN, OPEC and the International Atomic Energy Agency. Write a well-written resume and cover letter. Write job offers to Austrian employers directly.

Look out for the large companies in Vienna, such as Raiffeisen Bank International, Erste Group, Telekom Austria, Frequentis, OMV. Very often they only require foreign specialists with good English-language skills, and generally speaking, jobs in Vienna without good English-language skills are hard to come by. In most cases, a good command of German is required.

Searching for work

Austrian Public Employment Service –

Professional social network –

Austrian government migration portal –

Popular job search sites in Vienna

If you can't find a job in Vienna without an intermediary, contact an official recruitment agency. A list of Austrian companies can be found here.

Jobs and salaries in Vienna

Jobs and salaries in Vienna

Vienna has a very developed economy, but most jobs are concentrated in the service sector. Trade, real estate, leasing, financial and banking sectors stand out. There are about 650 agricultural companies operating in the city, and there are many vineyards on the outskirts. In addition, Austria is considered the largest tourist center of Europe. In each of these areas there are vacancies in Vienna in 2024.

Official minimum wage Austrian law does not provide. Rates are fixed in collective agreements separately for each sector of the economy. Before taxes, the monthly income of workers in the capital in most cases exceeds 1,500 euros. The average salary in Vienna in 2024 after all mandatory deductions is about 2,300 euros per month. It all depends on the profession, qualifications and experience.

Actual jobs in Vienna with high wages (more than 3,000 euros per month) – are programmers, doctors, engineers, construction workers and financiers. Social workers and nurses are in demand. Also in Vienna are often invited to work as housekeepers, nannies, nurses, maids, cooks, waitresses, salesmen and representatives of some other professions that do not require special skills. Wages here range from 1,200 euros and up.

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