Austria is located in Central Europe and is landlocked. It borders the Czech Republic and Germany to the north, Slovakia and Hungary to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west.

A country of beautiful nature and a comfortable climate, fascinating history, culture and traditions. Population of Austria is about 9 million people. Unemployment is about 6–7%. Let's find out what salaries in Austria in 2024.

Salary in Austria

Minimum salary in Austria

Ten states in Western Europe do not have a minimum wage at the national level. Austria is included in this list. For certain sectors of the economy, minimum wages are fixed in labor collective agreements between employers and trade unions.


Sector of economy Date of introduction Euros per month
Construction 6.10.2014 1,742
Steel industry 6.10.2014 1,688
Public sector 1.01.2013 1,470
Retail trade 6.10.2014 1,450
Clothing 6.10.2014 1,387
Hospitality industry 1.01.2013 1,320
Information Technology 6.10.2014 645

Note. In the near future, Austria plans to introduce a monthly minimum wage at the national level of 1,500 euros (gross) for all sectors of the economy. The initiative was approved by the government and the social partners – the Austrian Federation of Trade Unions, the Chamber of Labor, the Federal Economic Chamber and the Austrian Chamber of Agriculture.

Today, some 300,000 Austrian workers covered by collective bargaining agreements earn less than €1,500 a month.

Average salary in Austria

According to the Austrian statistical offices, the average wage in Austria in 2024 is 3,400 euros per month. After all mandatory deductions this leaves about 2,300 euros. The highest incomes provide such sectors of the economy as chemical and oil refining, information technology, banking and financial services, energy and water supply.

Work in Austria in the field of finance and management will provide the highest wages in the country. Next comes the IT sector. Austrian doctors, lawyers and auditors have high salaries. Highly qualified specialists in Austria can earn from 5-10 thousand euros a month and more. Much depends on the profession, company and region. The greatest opportunities to earn offers the capital – Vienna.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the income tax rate in Austria from the salaries of employees varies from 0% (income up to 12,816 euros per year) to 55% (income over 1,000,000 euros per year).

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