For decades, Colombia has been mired in internal conflicts between the authorities and rebel forces, often financed by various criminal groups. Today, security problems have been resolved almost completely and the government controls the entire state territory. The country has developed democratic institutions and the rights of its citizens are respected. So working in Colombia for foreigners in 2024 is a viable option for immigration to South America.

Colombia is located in the northwestern part of the South American continent, bordered by Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Panama. It is washed by the Pacific Ocean and has access to the Caribbean Sea. It is a very picturesque country with friendly, open-minded residents. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the authorities, kidnapping, fraud, theft and other crimes against foreigners happen quite often, but if you observe the basic precautions, it is quite comfortable and interesting to live and work in Colombia.

Work in Colombia

Specifics of labor migration. Jobs and wages in Colombia.

The population of Colombia in 2024 is 52.2 million people. About 7.7 million live in Bogotá, the capital and largest city of the country. Other major cities are Cali (2.4 million), Medellín (2 million) and Barranquilla (1.4 million). Colombia not only has one of the largest populations of any country in Latin America, but it also has the third largest Hispanic population in the world. Thus, to successfully find a job in Colombia it is necessary to know the official language of the country – Spanish.

Most migrant workers live in Medellín and the capital of Colombia, Bogota. Compared to North America and Europe, the cost of living in these cities is relatively low. One of the most in-demand professions for foreigners in Colombia is teaching English. In addition, the country is developing sectors such as construction, medicine, pharmaceuticals, information technology, tourism and mining (oil, gas, coal, diamonds). It is in these areas that one should look for vacancies in Colombia in 2024.

How to find a job in Colombia

Given the political instability, Colombia has achieved significant economic growth in recent decades and the local labor market situation is relatively favorable. Unemployment averages no more than 10-15%, and the government does its best to effectively attract foreign investment. Nevertheless, despite its rich natural resources and active trade with both neighboring countries and with China, the U.S. and EU member states, more than a quarter of the Colombian population lives below the poverty line.

Finding a high-paying job in the Colombian labor market is difficult, not just for foreigners, but for most locals as well. The average salary in Colombia in 2024 is about $300-400 per month. This figure is relevant for large cities. In smaller towns, incomes are even lower. At a more or less decent salary can expect employees of international companies and some workers in the oil and gas industry. The minimum wage in Colombia in 2024 is 1,300,000 Colombian pesos (about $330).

How to find a job in Colombia

Official employment in Colombia is a long and complicated process. Foreign applicants must first find an employer, sign a contract and obtain a work visa. At the same time, the local company must describe in detail the conditions of employment of a foreigner and convince the locals that there are no applicants for the vacancy among Colombians. Therefore, the candidate must have an unconditional competitive advantage, experience and skill level. And also speak Spanish or at least English.

Typically, foreign specialists are issued a temporary work visa TP-4, which after 5 years can be replaced by a resident visa. One of the positive aspects of labor migration to Colombia is the fact that a foreigner can come to the country in advance, for example, as a tourist, find a vacancy on the spot and then apply for a work visa. In order to find a job in Colombia remotely visit specialized websites, forums and professional social networks.

Popular job search sites in Colombia

The political, cultural and economic center of Colombia is Bogota. Many international corporations and large Colombian employers are located here. Compose a competent resume and cover letter, preferably in Spanish, and send job offers directly to companies. Local experts estimate that more than half of Colombia's workers are employed in the informal economy. Working in this country illegally is extremely dangerous and it is strongly discouraged.

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