Algeria is a large African state, located in the northern part of the continent between Tunisia and Morocco, washed by the Mediterranean Sea. The country is the tenth largest in the world by area. The population of Algeria in 2024 is about 46 million people. Civil war in the 1990s and political instability in general led to a significant outflow of the local workforce to calmer countries. Many Algerians left to work in Tunisia, and some also went to developed European states, such as Spain.

Moreover, in the year 2000, Algeria saw the departure of a large number of educated citizens, who went to North America – Canada and the United States – in search of a better life. All this to some extent opened up access to Algerian jobs for skilled migrant workers from abroad. For example, jobs in Algeria for foreigners in 2024 are available to experienced engineers, construction workers, doctors, teachers, oil and gas workers.

Work in Algeria

Today, the level of economic development in Algeria is inferior to some African countries, but the government is taking the necessary measures to attract foreign investment, diversify foreign trade and reduce dependence on hydrocarbons, which account for about 60% of the country's budget revenues. Next, let's talk about the specifics of employment, job search options, and available jobs and salaries in Algeria in 2024.

Features of Labor Migration to Algeria

Working in Algeria for foreigners, especially if we are talking about Europeans, requires getting acquainted with certain specifics of life in this state beforehand.

  • First of all, about 99% of the residents are Muslims, which means that the native speakers of this religion have traditions and rules of behavior in society.

  • Secondly, the climate in the country is quite varied, prevailing arid and hot in the south, and more moderate and comfortable in the north.

  • Thirdly, there is a threat of terrorist attacks and in general the crime rate in the country is quite high.

On the other hand, we can highlight a lot of positive points for labor migration to Algeria. First of all, pleasantly surprising prices for housing, clothing and food. In addition, the country has a good infrastructure, many attractions, including nature reserves, parks, museums and beautiful seashores.

Unemployment in Algeria is over 12%, and among young people the figure reaches 27%. Of course, the priority of the local authorities is to provide maximum employment for their own residents. Nevertheless, qualified foreign specialists, who have a scarce profession for the local labor market, can count on vacancies in Algeria.

In order to move to Algerian territory, an applicant must first find an employer (sponsor) and conclude an employment contract. This is a condition and basis for obtaining a work visa and work permit in Algeria from the local Ministry of Labor. The paperwork and filing process is quite complicated, so you may need the help of consultants and lawyers. It is also necessary to interact as much as possible with the Algerian Consular staff and the employer.

How to find a job in Algeria. Search for a job without intermediaries.

How to find a job in Algeria

The main employer of Algeria, including for foreigners, is the state, which provides more than 30% of jobs in the local labor market. There are many international companies operating in the country, which have experience in hiring foreign workers and are interested in attracting such applicants. Pay attention to major Algerian corporations, especially in the oil and gas industry, such as Sonelgaz or Sonatrach, the largest company on the entire African continent.

When writing your resume and cover letter, be sure to take into account the Algerian employers' requirements for foreign specialists. In the first place, this applies to the level of qualifications and education. Experience in countries such as Egypt or the UAE would be a big plus. Arabic is the official language in Algeria. French is quite widespread in the cities, and in business circles - English. Jobs in Algeria without knowledge of the language, at least English at a good level, is practically inaccessible.

Visit thematic forums, look for experienced migrant workers in social networks and ask questions. If possible, visit Algeria as a tourist and try to find a local employer. Most jobs are concentrated in the major Algerian cities of Oran, Constantine, and the capital city of the same name, Algiers. For the rest, a job search on the Internet will help.

Popular job search sites in Algeria

Register with a professional social networking site

If you can't find a job in Algeria on your own, contact one of the many recruitment agencies. Preferably Algerian or international.

Jobs and wages in Algeria

Jobs and wages in Algeria

Algeria has a labor force of about 12.6 million people. All of these are potential competitors, in addition, labor migrants are sent to the country from other African countries and even from China. It is unrealistic for citizens of CIS countries to claim employment in unskilled labor. In addition, this type of activity will not bring any tangible income. The minimum wage for Algerian workers is equal to 20 thousand dinars or about 135 euros per month. The average salary in Algeria in 2024 is 42.3 thousand dinars (290 euros) per month.

Available jobs in Algeria for foreigners in 2024

  • Construction workers

  • Engineers

  • Doctors

  • Pharmacists

  • Educators and teachers

  • Travel industry workers

  • Financiers and bankers

Qualified foreign specialists with work experience often sign contracts with Algerian companies for 1-2 thousand euros a month and more. Jobs in Algeria on a rotational basis, that is, seasonal employment, are popular. Engineers are needed for industrial projects in oil and gas, as well as for work in Algeria in steel mills. It is very difficult to find a job for women in this African country.

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