New York is considered to be one of the largest, most exciting and attractive cities not only in North America, but in the whole world. The flow of annual immigration to the United States is breaking world records, but not every foreigner manages to find a comfortable place under the American sun, especially in the heart of the country, the so-called Big Apple.

The labor sphere and the rhythm of life in New York City is booming. The city that "never sleeps" attracts tens of thousands of migrant workers from all over the planet representing absolutely different professions and nationalities. Many of them eventually become full-fledged U.S. citizens.

Work in New York

Work in New York City in 2024 for foreigners is a good opportunity to become part of the most interesting and densely populated city in the United States, with more than 9 million permanent residents. Seeking work in New York City is preferable in neighborhoods such as Manhattan, the economic and financial center of the city.

Some immigrants, however, remain very disappointed after moving to the United States. You should understand beforehand that the competition in the local job market is off the charts, and you may have to experience the toughest of pressures. High-paying jobs in New York available to foreign specialists are literally "worth their weight in gold. Below, let's take a look at the features of labor migration, job search options, job openings and salaries in New York City in 2024.

Features of employment in New York City

It's no secret that the U.S. economy for many years remains the largest in the world. The most developed and successful city in the country is New York City. The average annual income of a New York family exceeds 50 thousand dollars. However, it is also very expensive to live here. Especially when it comes to buying or renting real estate.

The city is home to the headquarters of major international organizations and companies. The greatest income brings such sectors as finance, insurance services, information technology, medicine, tourism, culture and many other areas. By the way, owning your own business in the U.S. or significant investment is a great way to immigrate to New York.

Despite a certain independence of each American state in dealing with many regional issues, in general official employment in the U.S. is based on general federal principles and legislative norms. Note at once that the idea of illegal labor migration, which is popular with many foreigners, does not do any good.

Features of employment in New York City

The country has very strict laws in this regard and this kind of employment threatens at best deportation, and even imprisonment. And it applies not only to New York, but also to other states, for example, to work in Alaska or Florida, too, need to be exclusively legal.

Of course, for those who already reside on American territory, especially having a cherished for millions of people of the planet US Green Card, with the search of work in New York will be much easier. In other cases, the local law requires a foreigner to first find a U.S. employer, sign a contract and get a work visa.

The system of issuing work visas in the USA is considered to be rather complicated, but also flexible. The country provides an impressive number of visa types for different categories of foreign specialists, including agricultural workers (H-2A), models (H-1B3), registered nurses (H-1C) and so on. Most often, applicants from third countries work in New York on skilled worker (H-1B) or seasonal worker (H-2B) visas.

Obtaining a specific type of work visa for employment in New York depends on many factors, including the profession, length of contract, level of education, qualifications, and more. The main task is to find a U.S. company that will agree to hire a foreigner. After all, it is the employer who applies for the visa for foreign applicants, and this requires meeting a number of conditions. In particular, to convince the local authorities that the right to priority employment of American citizens as a result of hiring such a worker will not be infringed.

How to find a job in New York. Job Search.

"The fight" for jobs in New York City in 2024 is fierce. Upcoming political changes in the country related to the election of a new U.S. president and some economic uncertainty contribute to this. Often, even employees of the same company are competing for higher salaries and positions, even though they pretend to work for a common result. Especially in large corporations, where there is a specific work environment.

How to find a job in New York

To successfully find a decent job in New York City, it is crucial to have a set of certain skills, one of which is a good command of the English language. Yes, this largest city is home to a huge number of foreigners and in linguistic diversity the "Big Apple" has no equal in the whole world. According to some estimates, more than 800 languages and dialects are spoken here. Still, the jobs available in New York without English language skills are very limited. It is very rare for job seekers to find an official job knowing only their native language.

The next aspect of prosperous employment in New York has to do with the qualifications, experience and skills of the valuable specialist. Unemployment in the state in 2024 is holding at 6-7%, which is higher than the national average (3.7%), and competition in the New York job market is higher compared to other American regions. Education deserves special attention. Studying at a U.S. university is ideal. You can also try to get an internship in one of the American companies. For this work visa – H-3 and special programs such as Internship USA.

Carefully study the geography, infrastructure and territorial and administrative division of the city. There are only 5 boroughs in New York – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island, each of which has its own specifics, including access to jobs. Try to visit the United States on a tourist visa. Look around the place, talk to people, make the right acquaintances and connections. You might be able to meet with potential employers.

Approach major companies in New York City directly, offering your services. There is no point in giving specific examples, there are many – from IBM to Bloomberg. Visit thematic forums, groups in social networks, look for migrant workers living in the U.S., and gather information. Be wary of various recruiting agencies and dubious intermediaries. Use the services of trusted companies, preferably foreign ones.

Search for jobs in New York without intermediaries

Official site of New York City Department of

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Websites of famous New York newspapers

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Use the website – – to find an official staffing agency in the United States and New York City.

Jobs and wages in New York City

Jobs and wages in New York

According to official information from the New York City Department of Labor, in 2024 the largest number of job openings in the city are in education, medicine, tourism, trade, transportation, mining and construction. Job offers in the financial, manufacturing and information sectors have decreased slightly. Overall, it's realistic to find jobs in New York City in a wide variety of industries. It is, in fact, a global business hub.

The official minimum wage in New York City in 2024 is above the national average of $16 an hour. The U.S. minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, the average is $1,145 a week, which is about $4,960 a month. In New York City, the average wage in 2024 is about $6,300 a month. It all depends on the occupation and the job.

Up to half of New York's salaried professionals are foreigners. Naturally, more job opportunities are offered by large corporations, especially when it comes to highly skilled workers. Jobs in New York City in 2024 are available in IT, finance, tourism, fashion, advertising and architecture.

Technical specialists, medical personnel, construction workers, researchers and teachers in universities are often needed. In unskilled labor, there are jobs in New York for women as nannies, waitresses, and housekeepers. Men can work as drivers and in some other physically demanding occupations. Most of this type of employment is offered on an illegal basis.

In conclusion, New York City is a place of contrasts and the embodiment of the American dream. Despite the global problems of the world, the city is developing and remains one of the most popular destinations for tourists and migrant workers. Everyone has a chance for a successful job and a bright future.

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