The Republic of Costa Rica is a colorful state in Central America, located between Nicaragua and Panama. It is washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Unlike many Latin American neighbors, Costa Rica has stable political situation, relatively high standard of living and developed economy. The country effectively operates a social security system, most residents have wide access to education and health care.

Working in Costa Rica for foreigners in 2024, in addition to earning money, will give you the opportunity to enjoy eco-tourism opportunities in your spare time and generally move to a country with stunning nature, including tropical forests, beaches, canyons and volcanoes. The state has a highly educated workforce, a relatively low poverty rate, and advanced democratic institutions. Let's talk about the specifics of labor migration to Costa Rica in 2024 below.

Work in Costa Rica

Labor migration to Costa Rica

The population of Costa Rica in 2024 is 5.2 million people. According to local experts, by the next year the number of inhabitants will reach a mark of 5 million. The largest city and the capital of the country – San Jose, has about 334 thousand people. It is in this megalopolis sent the main flow of migrant workers seeking to find work in Costa Rica.

Successful social programs and employment opportunities make Costa Rica a popular place for regional immigration. According to some estimates, up to 10% of the local population are foreigners. The lion's share of migrant workers consists of Nicaraguan nationals who are employed in unskilled seasonal work in Costa Rica, many of whom are in the state illegally.

In Costa Rica, a reasonable rate of unemployment (7-8%), low inflation, moderate interest rates on loans and over recent years recorded steady economic growth. However, the country has plenty of problems, including poor infrastructure, government bureaucracy and manmade risks such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and floods.

Costa Rica has one of the best educational systems in Central America. Only in the capital there are more than 50 universities. The authorities are interested in providing jobs for their own citizens, so job opportunities in Costa Rica for applicants from abroad are very limited. For legal employment of a foreigner must find an employer and obtain a work permit in advance.

Important. Work permit in Costa Rica is issued for one year with the right to renew and only in cases where the vacancy is not claimed by local residents.

Labor migration to Costa Rica

How to find a job. Jobs and wages in Costa Rica.

The official language in Costa Rica is Spanish, but many locals are fluent in English. To successfully find a job in Costa Rica at least English should be at a high level. Education, experience and qualifications (scarce for the Costa Rican job market) will be crucial. Especially if the applicant expects to find a legal and well-paid job in Costa Rica.

According to the local Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the minimum wage in Costa Rica in 2024 ranges from 358,609.52 to 765,985.66 colons per month ($695 to $1,485). In addition, rates are set separately for different professions. For example, an assistant lawyer receives a minimum of 590 dollars, and a technician with higher education 1,010. The average salary in Costa Rica ranges from $960-1,175 a month.

Popular sites to find a job in Costa Rica

Costa Rica's economy is based on agriculture, ecotourism, pharmaceuticals, financial outsourcing, and software development. The country exports medical and veterinary equipment, microprocessors, clothing, bananas, pineapples, coffee and some other food products. Foreign applicants can find jobs in Costa Rica in tourism and information technology.

Free economic zones encourage foreign direct investment and international corporations open offices in Costa Rica. For example, Microsoft, Bridgestone, Hewlett Packard and Procter & Gamble. Such employers create thousands of new jobs and often offer jobs in Costa Rica for foreigners.

Write a competent concise resume in English and Spanish. Apply directly to major companies. If possible, visit the country as a tourist and try to make business connections. Be active on the Internet, collect and analyze information about employment in Costa Rica, based on different sources.

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