Montenegro is a small European country located on the Balkan Peninsula, washed by the Adriatic Sea. Despite its ancient history, the official restoration of independence of the country occurred only in 2006. In 2024 the population of Montenegro is about 626.2 thousand people, of which slightly less than half are ethnic Montenegrins and about a third are Serbs.

It is noteworthy that the annual number of tourists visiting Montenegrin resorts, is several times more than the population itself. Accordingly, this area is the main source of employment and forms the lion's share of the state budget. Therefore, the work in Montenegro for foreigners in 2024 is mainly related to tourism and related services.

Work in Montenegro

There are vacancies for foreigners in other areas, such as construction, but should take into account that the unemployment rate in Montenegro is over 15%. On the other hand, in recent years, the country has been actively engaged in economic development, in particular, attracting foreign investment, modernizing infrastructure, implementing tax reforms. All this contributes to the emergence of new vacancies and increases the demand for labor force from abroad.

For successful employment in Montenegro, in addition to qualifications, it is desirable to know one of the local languages – Montenegrin (official) or Serbian, which is spoken by most residents. English is almost obligatory. A big plus is a good Russian, because there are a lot of tourists and businessmen from Russia in the country.

Montenegro uses the euro as the unit of currency, although it is not a member of the European Union, this issue is still under active discussion. Some structural problems, such as corruption, for example, have not yet been completely solved. How to find a job in Montenegro in 2024, the available vacancies and wages, as well as the procedure for moving discussed further in the article.

How to go to work in Montenegro

Due to the fact that Montenegro is not a member of the EU, when looking for work migrants from third countries, such as Ukrainians, are almost on equal terms with Europeans. The main competition for foreign workers are mostly locals. To be officially employed in Montenegro a foreign specialist must have the following documents:

  1. Work permit and on this basis a temporary residence permit.

  2. Employment Contract.

  3. Place to stay (rental agreement or property ownership).

The main task of the applicant is to find the Montenegrin company that will be ready to employ foreigner and will be ready for the possible temporary and bureaucratic risks. The decision to issue a work permit is made by the local employment office. For this purpose, the employer sends a corresponding application to the office, stating convincing reasons for hiring a foreign specialist.

In addition, proof of qualifications certifying the ability to perform professional duties and a health certificate of the prospective employee are required. Term of application review doesn't exceed 30 days. As a rule, the document is issued for the period from 3 to 12 months with the right of further prolongation. It is not difficult to guess that experience, education, skills and fluency in foreign languages would be decisive factors for successful employment in Montenegro.

Types of work permits for employment in Montenegro

  • Personal work permit. Issued to foreigners with permanent resident status. The document allows you to work in Montenegro without any restrictions equal to the local residents. It is of indefinite duration, in special cases it can be issued for one year.

  • Employment permit. The usual right to work in Montenegro, on the basis of which the employment contract is concluded. The standard document is issued for one year, with the right of renewal for another two years.

  • Work permit. Usually applies to temporary or seasonal employment for a short period, usually up to 6 months. The terms are prescribed in the employment contract.

Certain categories of foreign workers do not require a work permit in Montenegro, usually temporary work is meant. It can be for example sportsmen, scientists, representatives of creative professions, journalists, diplomats.

Important. The holder of permit to work in Montenegro is not entitled to change the employer and the workplace, which is outside the scope of the existing employment contract.

Employment quotas for foreigners in Montenegro

In order to keep maximum employment of local population and depending on the situation on the labor market the Government of Montenegro announces fixed number of work permits that could be given to foreigners annually till October 31. Specialized agencies conduct an in-depth analysis on areas of activity, professions, territorial needs in specialists and on this basis special quotas are formed.

Some categories of foreigners are not subject to quotas, for example:

  • holders of personal work permits;

  • family members of Montenegrin citizens, foreigners with permanent residence and refugees (spouses and children up to 21 years old);

  • professional athletes and workers in the field of sports, with a valid contract;

  • foreign specialists, working in Montenegro on the basis of international agreements;

  • montenegrin university professors, providing education in the language of ethnic minorities;

  • representatives of foreign companies.

How to find a job in Montenegro. Search for job without intermediaries.

To find the worthy job in Montenegro in 2024 for the foreigners it is very important to have the adequate language skills. In the first place they are Montenegrin, Serbian and English. To the same extent it is desirable to have some experience and qualifications in their field of activity.

If we are talking about employment in the tourism industry, then it is definitely worth to go to Montenegro in advance and look at available jobs on the spot, and then try to find an employer directly. Many institutions, such as cafes, bars, salons, stores, place ads directly on the streets in public places. In addition, there is a chance to meet immigrants who can provide practical assistance in finding employment.

In other cases the Internet will help to find a job in Montenegro on your own.

State Employment Agency –

Popular job search sites in Montenegro

UN site in

Professional social

Jobs and salary in Montenegro

In general, wage earners in Montenegro have a very low level of wages compared to developed European countries. On the other hand, the cost of living and daily expenses in this country are very comfortable.

The average wage in Montenegro in 2024 is 1,026 euros per month. After paying taxes remains about 821 euros. The minimum wage on January 1, 2022 is 532.5 euros (450 euros net).

Foreigners can also count on about 400-500 euros per month. If we take popular jobs in Montenegro in 2024, then uniquely allocated two industries – tourism and construction. In the first case, it is work at numerous resorts, such as required waiters, bartenders, cooks, cleaners, maids and other service personnel.

In the construction industry can find work specialists of various professions, from the qualified project manager, to the ordinary handyman. This area is quite in demand, as the number of investments and the construction of new facilities is constantly increasing. For other types of jobs in Montenegro, foreigners to claim quite difficult. You can try your luck in real estate, marketing and information technology.


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