Poland's integration into the European Union in 2004, on the one hand, contributed to a number of successful reforms and the achievement of positive economic results, but, on the other hand, led to certain problems. The main one is the outflow of hundreds of thousands of young specialists to more developed European countries. For labor migrants from third countries it became an impetus to move to Poland to earn money. A special place among Polish cities is occupied by the capital of the country – Warsaw.

Jobs and wages in Warsaw

Work in Warsaw for foreigners in 2024 will serve as a very real option to replenish the budget, even despite the lower wages compared to other Western countries. The city has comfortable living conditions. Unlike many capitals of the world real estate prices are affordable, the climate and mentality of Polish citizens is suitable for most foreigners. Universities in Poland, such as Warsaw Polytechnic University, offer quality education. Overall, the country offers a favorable atmosphere for starting a business, working and living.

Features of employment in Warsaw

Poland is very colorful country with many historical and architectural monuments. Its population is about 40.6 million people and more than 1.8 million live directly in the capital. Most of the major companies in the country are concentrated in Warsaw, including National Bank and Warsaw Stock Exchange. It also has many branches of foreign banking institutions and international corporations. There are jobs in Warsaw in 2024 for skilled foreign workers as well as unskilled workers.

Warsaw plays a major role in ensuring the country's economic and social stability. The lion's share of local residents is employed in the service sector (about 70%). The unemployment rate in Poland is around 3-4%, and according to official data from the statistical bureau of Warsaw, it is around 1.4% in the capital. Another positive thing for labor migration. The vast majority of the city's population uses their native language, many people speak English and German. Some jobs in Warsaw are available without knowledge of Polish.

Features of employment in Warsaw

A large number of foreigners work in Warsaw illegally. Moreover, enterprising job seekers use this employment option as a jumping-off point to move to other more successful European states. Illegal professional activities in Warsaw threaten with a serious fine and deportation from the country, followed by a ban on entry. Official employment in Poland's capital city complies with the nationwide requirements. There are four main requirements for citizens from countries outside the EU:

  • Finding an employer in advance

  • Signing the employment contract

  • Obtaining work permit

  • Obtaining work visa

The Polish Border Guard and National Labour Inspectorate strictly monitor employers and migrant workers for possession of all authorization documents. Foreigners usually apply for a type A work visa for employment in Warsaw. The document is initially issued for a period of up to one year with the right to be extended to 2-5 years thereafter. The work permit is issued by the Province of Warsaw.

One of the main requirements for applicants from abroad to work in Poland is that there are no applicants for the job among Poles and EU citizens. There is a special test in the local labour market for this purpose. In some cases a work permit is not required. For example, recently this applies to students of Polish universities, who are free to work in Warsaw. In addition, for six months over a period of 12 months Ukrainians, Russians, Belarusians, Armenians and Moldovans can work without special permission.

Work in Warsaw without intermediaries. Search for vacancies.

In recent years there has been a large-scale labor migration to Poland from Ukraine. Often these are people without special qualifications, ready to work for lower wages, which causes dissatisfaction of local residents. Warsaw authorities are interested in attracting, above all, qualified specialists, who can fill scarce niches on the local labor market and benefit the city's economy and the country as a whole.

How to find a job in Warsaw

To find a decent job in Warsaw without intermediaries in 2024, a foreigner must have a good education, experience, skills and certain competitive advantages. Be sure to start learning Polish beforehand, additional certificates and confirmations of qualifications are only welcome. Visit the capital of the Polish state for tourism purposes. It is often much easier to find vacancies in Warsaw.

Use all available sources of information, including thematic forums and groups in social networks. Pay attention to major employers, including international companies. Write job offers directly through official websites. It is true that there is a lot of competition with locals in this sector. Prepare in advance a competent resume and cover letter.

How to find a job in Warsaw

Polish Public Employment

Professional social

Websites of famous newspapers in Poland and

Popular job search websites in Warsaw

If you cannot find a job in Warsaw by yourself, contact an official recruiting agency, preferably a Polish one. You may be able to get a job through friends or relatives. There are more than enough scammers in this field. A list of Polish recruitment agencies can be found here.

Jobs and salaries in Warsaw

Jobs and salaries in Warsaw

The average salary in Warsaw in 2024 is PLN 9,646.92 per month before taxes, which is equivalent to EUR 2,260. This is somewhere around 200-300 euros more than the country as a whole. The minimum wage for Polish workers is 4,242 PLN (about 995 euros). Highly qualified foreign specialists can expect salaries in Warsaw of 1.5-2 thousand euros per month or more, depending on the profession and employer.

Affordable jobs in Warsaw in 2024, are primarily for holders of engineering occupations and professionals in the field of information technology. In demand are builders, professional workers (bricklayers, concrete workers, welders, installers, rebar men, electricians) and medical workers. Remuneration for such positions exceeds 1 thousand euros per month. Specialists without sufficient experience are paid 700-800 euros.

Jobs in Warsaw for women in 2024, for the most part, offered in unskilled labor, often required nannies, nurses, waitresses, maids, cleaners, seamstresses, packers products and so on. Employment is possible without knowledge of the language. One can earn up to 700 euros a month, sometimes more. Often there are jobs in Warsaw for men as drivers. A good option to immigrate to Poland is related to jobs in Warsaw for couples. For example, for employment in factories and plants.

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