Poland is located in Eastern Europe on the Baltic Sea coast. It borders Germany to the west, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the south, Russia to the north, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine to the east. It is a beautiful state with ancient history, rich cultural heritage, and many interesting sights, including architectural monuments and museums.

Salary in Poland

The population of Poland is about 37.8 million people. The overwhelming majority of local residents are ethnic Poles. Since 2004, the state is part of the European Union and has a strong economy. All this makes the Polish labour market attractive for workers from abroad. Let's find out what salaries in Poland in 2021.

Minimum salary in Poland

The minimum wage in Poland is set by the local government. The rate is revised annually in accordance with the Wage Act of 10 October 2002 and is announced by the Prime Minister until 15 September each year. Polish employers may not underestimate the minimum wage for their employees. The law provides for fines of up to 7,000 euros.

The official minimum wage in Poland from January 1, 2021 is 2,800 PLN per month, which is equivalent to 740 US dollars. After payment of taxes it remains around 2,060 PLN (545 USD). Compared to last year, the rate has increased by 200 PLN or 7% (2,600 PLN in 2020). The hourly minimum wage rate in Poland is 18.3 PLN.

According to the Polish Minister for Family, Labour and Social Policy, about 1.5 million workers in Poland receive income at the minimum level. At the same time, the labor force in the country consists of about 17.5 million people. Over the past 10 years, the monthly minimum wage in Poland has more than doubled – from 1,386 PLN in 2011 to 2,800 PLN in 2021.

Average salary in Poland

According to official data from the Polish Central Statistical Office, before taxes, the average salary in Poland in 2021 is 5,456.81 PLN per month, which corresponds to 1,445 dollars. After all mandatory deductions, the Polish employee has 3,935 PLN or 1,045 dollars at his disposal.


Sector of economy Zloty per month Dollars per month
Information and communication 9,244.11 2,450
Financial and insurance activity 8,653.11 2,295
Mining 8,607.26 2,280
Supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning 8,218.99 2,180
Professional, scientific and technical activity 7,598.67 2,015
Public administration and defence 6,111.76 1,620
Fishing, agriculture and forestry 5,714.47 1,515
Real estate operations 5,613.48 1,490
Construction 5,400.48 1,430
Health care and social work 5,302.27 1,405
Manufacturing 5,171.57 1,370
Education 5,060.55 1,340
Wholesale and retail trade 5,058.82 1,340
Water supply, sewerage and waste management 4,936,27 1,310
Transportation and storage 4,749.69 1,260
Administrative and support services 4,102.08 1,090
Accommodation and meals 3,780.88 1,000

The highest salaries in Poland were recorded in the field of information and communication, and the lowest in the housing and food sector.


Voivodeship Zloty per month Dollars per month
Lower Silesian (Wrocław) 5,712.08 1,515
Silesian (Katowice) 5,574.69 1,325
Pomeranian (Gdansk) 5,585.24 1,480
Lesser Poland (Krakow) 5,509.09 1,460
Masovian (Warsaw) 5,219.79 1,385
Lodz (Lodz) 5,209.46 1,380
Opolskoe (Opole) 5,130.23 1,360
Greater Poland (Poznan) 5,055.92 1,340
Podlaskie (Bialystok) 5,004.18 1,325
Lublin (Lublin) 4,948.09 1,310
West Pomeranian (Szczecin) 4,933.89 1,380
Lubusz (Gorzów Wielkopolski and Zielona Góra) 4,876.10 1,290
Holy Cross (Kielce) 4,861.76 1,290
Subcarpathian (Rzeszow) 4,769.69 1,265
Warmian-Masurian (Olsztyn) 4,763.06 1,260

Note. Information on average wages in Poland by sector and region is based on the current official data from the Polish Central Statistical Office.

In conclusion, we note that the unemployment rate in Poland is about 6.5%, and the income tax rate in 2021 ranges from 18% (income up to 85,528 PLN per year) to 32% (income over 85,528 PLN per year).

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