A stable, prosperous economy and great career prospects attract an enormous number of job seekers from abroad to Germany. The local government has developed an effective integration strategy that allows migrant workers to improve their language skills and vocational training. However, this initiative is mainly aimed at refugees from the Middle East and some African countries. Other foreigners, especially those without qualifications and experience, find it very difficult to work in Germany today.

Work in Frankfurt

Nevertheless, the German labor market is booming and needs a lot of foreign specialists. The most in-demand professions in Germany are engineers, programmers, doctors and educators. Much depends on the specific city. For example, one of the most promising in terms of employment is Frankfurt am Main (hereinafter referred to as Frankfurt). The specifics of labor migration, job search, current vacancies and salaries in Frankfurt in 2024 are discussed below.

Specifics of labor migration to Frankfurt

The population of Frankfurt in 2024 is about 763,400. It is the fifth largest city in Germany and the largest settlement in the state of Hesse. The diversity of Frankfurt is celebrated both culturally and ethnically. A few years ago, for the first time in the city's history, the number of residents of foreign origin exceeded the number of ethnic Germans. At the same time, about 28% of the people have the citizenship of another state. Most of the people who live in Frankfurt are from Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Romania, and several other EU countries, as well as Russia.

Frankfurt is considered one of the most important economic centers of Germany and Europe as a whole. It is a major industrial and financial metropolis, as well as an international transport hub. It has one of the busiest airports in Europe, an excellent network of railroads and motorways, and river transport. Many immigrants are attracted not only by employment in Frankfurt, but also by the lifestyle of the local population.

Specifics of labor migration to Frankfurt

The city is very beautiful with many historical sites and attractions, including museums and theaters. It is worth noting that living in Frankfurt is very expensive, especially to rent a property. Part of the cost of living is compensated by high wages. In addition, many foreigners prefer to get housing in nearby cities, and work directly in Frankfurt.

The official employment in Frankfurt for citizens from third countries, i.e. from outside of the European Union, the EEA (Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland) and Switzerland, requires a number of legal requirements. With few exceptions, the applicant must find a job in advance, have an interview, sign an employment contract, obtain a work permit and open a work visa to Germany. Given the high level of competition with both Germans and Europeans, it is not easy to do.

How to find a job in Frankfurt

Jobs in Frankfurt for foreigners are virtually inaccessible without significant language skills, education, experience and qualifications. Ideally you need to know German or at least English at a good level. By the way, graduates of local universities and holders of certain other diplomas that are recognized in Germany, can come to Frankfurt to look for work for up to 6 months on a special visa.

In any case, try to visit the city as a tourist and use this time to make business contacts with business representatives in Germany. Check out job fairs and talk to migrant workers living in Frankfurt. Write a well-written resume and cover letter. Write job offers to German employers directly. For example, to major companies such as Lufthansa Consulting and Nestlé Deutschland.

Job search in Frankfurt

Large employers in Frankfurt –

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Popular job search sites in Frankfurt

Get active on the internet. Explore specialised forums, social networking groups and relevant websites. Put together these activities to speed up your job search in Frankfurt.

Jobs and wages in Frankfurt

Jobs and wages in Frankfurt

According to German experts, the state of Hesse provides local workers with the highest salaries in Germany. The figures are about 10% higher than the national level. The minimum wage in the country is equal to 12.41 euros per hour, and average income is about 2.8 thousand euros per month after tax. At the same time, the average wage in Frankfurt in 2024 is about 3 thousand euros. Of the major cities, only work in Munich can provide a higher income.

Frankfurt is the financial core of Germany. It is in this area that the most attractive jobs are concentrated. Here is located the stock exchange, which is considered one of the largest in the world, the headquarters of well-known European and German banks and numerous credit institutions. The European Central Bank, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank are all special. In short, for financiers and workers in the banking sector, Frankfurt is an ideal place to work.

Despite the low unemployment rate, the competition for jobs in the cities of Hesse is one of the highest in Germany. Less than in the financial sector, jobs in Frankfurt in 2024 are available in construction, real estate, advertising, telecommunications, investment and law. Programmers and experienced engineers in the chemical, energy, pharmaceutical and automotive industries are sometimes needed.

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